Family Day 2012: 2013 Emerges Victor

Yesterday was probably the best day! Wew. Just because our batch/class won. Just kidding. The games were really fun, though, I did not join any game. Let others who are more competitive play, right? I’m not one of them. Anyhow, it was great. I bonded with my friends. Ate and talked. But seriously, I enjoyed it. However, it was kind of irritating that everytime a new game starts, these other batches won’t even participate. They need a freaking countdown to play. A bit of kill joy, init? Yet, here was our class ready to play. Excited to play and the others won’t just freaking go to the center and play! Like what the heck are your problems? Okay, set aside the irritating moments and enjoy the memories of Family Day 2012.

The event started with some stuff that isn’t really that much fun. (Not, saying that the Mass wasn’t important. it’s essential). There was the students’ talent showdown. Not everyone of the batch was required to join as I was informed by a classmate. Yet, all of the freshmen and sophomores participated in their performances. Our batch had about 17%  of the 2013 population participate in the showdown. Oh yeah, when I looked at the program and saw that the seniors weren’t participating in the showdown, I was joking, “Oh, we’re going to win!” The freshmen performed their Terpsichore performance from Sportsfest. While, the sophomores “serenaded” the whole gym with a song I don’t even know the title but had lyrics going like this: ‘Cause you had a bad day…etc. Whilst, the 17% of my class/batch performed like an interpretive dance or how do you call that, lyrical dance to the song Battlefield by Jordin Sparks. And we were like screaming most of the time during the performance.  Then, we ate after some messages and when it was afternoon, the games started. There was officially 6 games (Banana Olympics, Watch Your Back, Family Apir, Pisay Henyo, Sack Race and Spoon Water relay) but they only played 4 games  (Banana Olympics, Watch Your Back, Family Apir, Pisay Henyo) probably because we ran out of time. The banana olympics was funny. The class 2013 parents ate the bananas faster than the others. Imagine, one father put the whole banana in his mouth in one try! we won this game.  We were 2nd during the watch your back game. The sophomores won. Then we won family apir due to the sharp butts and agile moves of the students and parents. haha. We garnered 3rd place in Pisay Henyo. After the four games we sort of calculated the win of each team and we found out that we were tie with the sophomores: 2 first place, 1 second place and 1 third place. Oh no! I thought we were going to place second over-all. But, surprise, surprise, we won the Most Popular Mom and Dad and probably the talent showdown, too. So yeah, Class 2013 emerged victorious. About 20% of the 2013 population ran to the stage to receive the family day champion trophy. I did not join them. but I watched them on the bleachers, smiling happily for our class’ victory!

Congrats 2013!!!

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