Driving Maniacs

Today in Leyte, Philippines, the weather is well, unpredictable. It was sunny and a bit cloudy this morning and when it was noon, it started raining (and until now while I am typing this). So anyway, my afternoon at school started with a quiz in Chemistry and the rest of it, well, we just sort of hang-out inside the classroom. We busied ourselves with talking about horror movies ( started with lousy Filipino Horror movies to the old but frightening Filipino movies to The Grudge to Inglourious Basterds which is not even a horror film and ending it up to Constantine). When I look at my watch, it was already 4:05. So I got my things fixed up and readied for home. But heck, it was raining real hard. I wanted to wait until it slows down a bit but I really wanted to go home just ’cause. When, I scanned my bag, my umbrella wasn’t there!? (I left it at home.) 😡   I hitched “an umbrella ride” just until I get to the jeepney stops. So it was raining and me and my classmate reach this mini-store with a small roof. We share the roof with about 10-15 people. The best part of that was, half of my body was soaking wet because we didn’t actually fit on one umbrella. The other best part was about 5 cars drive like maniacs along the puddle thus splashing every single one of us.

At first it was nothing. I was like, “Shoulder lang naman. Diri man malala.” Then, another car of which its driver was speeding up did the same thing. This time, my skirt got soaked. The other time, I felt a few splashes in my face. And I thought, “I have a lot of curses in my mind right now. But I will control my temper.”

And so I did. I decided to go to the back of the crowd, near the door of the mini-store so I won’t get another facial wash from the puddle.  And so I thought, what is the problem of these drivers? In my mind I was like, “Haler, common sense lang po. Halata namang ayaw naming mabasa kasi nga sumusilong kami tapos ni pagbagal lang ng pag-drive niyo hindi niyo magawa. On the rush ba? Kami din. Akala niyo kayo lang..”

I think I speak for all those who have experienced this sort of thing. Best experience, isn’t it?

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