So last night I attended my very first Juniors and Seniors Promenade..(woohoo for those who think it’s great..I know my sisters do). Well, a lot of people seemed to enjoy it. But I don’t know how to describe it. The promenade wasn’t anything like those on movies or television shows. The guys don’t ask out the girl to prom (in which if  it ever was like that in my school’s prom, I reckon there is 0.00000001% chance) and buy tickets (or was there even tickets??). The promenades in the movies are mostly dancing and stuff but our prom was not like any other promenades I’ve seen in those shows. There is like the grand entrance with your partner (which of course is  assigned to you because of the rule to form a line by height). Junior girls get Senior boys as partners and while, Junior Boys get Senior girls as partners. And there is the bequeathal ceremony, the cotillion dance and messages blah, blah, blah.

In general, I think the promenade was fun. We got a break from all school works and have fun (it would have been more fun in my part if gowns and dresses and high-heels shoes were not involve). The first dance had to be your assigned partner. Then the guys could go ask anyone to dance (and girls asked each other out to dance). I had 5 dances (I must say the second one with my classmate, Alvek, was the most touching one). Anyway, I could just end up saying in this blog that, yeah, the Vegas-themed Promenade was fun.


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