Character Preview: FEGAN WORF (Ubiquitous Book One: Incipient)


Fegan is the best friend of Herov Yjerval. He is a tough buff kid from Sinki who has suffered a lot from the fires of poverty. His silver hair, green eyes, fair skin and strong physique will surely earn him some girlfriends but it’s different with Fegan. He shows no interest to any girls because he is mainly focus on helping his parents feed their family just like his best friend, Herov. He turns out to be the best companion Herov will ever have as he always covers up for him whenever Herov is away. Fegan truly deserves the award for the Best Son in the entire world but Fegan might just be someone else beneath it all. What if he is actually plotting against his own best friend? What if he isn’t really the person he seems to be after all he doesn’t have a poor physique for someone who is suffering from poverty?


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