HIGHLIGHTS (School Year 2011-2012)

And yey school year 2011-2012 is about to end! There are only a few things left to do and that is the defense for our project proposals, clearance and enrollment. After a tough school year, I will have to list the highlights of my Junior Year in School.

So here are my list of JUNIOR YEAR HIGHLIGHTS:
1. Got to meet new set of classmates and make new friends in my section SODIUM 2013 or as we make fun of it, we call our section SUJUM.
2. Met teachers that have never been my subject teacher since first year.
3. Celebrated my 15th Birthday of course.
4. Had a new circle of friends.
5. I became friends with Fatima Abad, who I used to not like in first year. We even have this group called Happy Three Friends with Jake Dangco.
6. Sporstfest 2011. It was a blast. The rules have been changed and teams won’t be by Class/Batch anymore. It will be mixed teams of Freshmen to Seniors. I was in the Team Poseidon (our theme was Clash of the Gods). Guess what? Poseidon won the Cheerdance Competition and the over-all champion for Sportsfest 2011.
7. Received a laptop.
8. Paskorus 2011. There were new rules too. Instead of having the competition against Sections within a Class/Batch, a Section from Freshmen will battle it out with another section from the Sophomores, from the Juniors and from the Seniors. SO this was like a Clash of the Classes/Batches. There were three categories. My section was put into the straight singing category. We placed second for that category and Rubidium also placed second in their category. Potassium, however, won the Choreographed Singing category. Over-all, Class 2013, my Class/Batch, won Paskorus.
9. Christmas Party. There was another change. The Christmas Party will no longer be a sundown party due to some complaints of a parent. Anyway, Class 2013 made it all work out so that we can still have fun and we did. It rained real hard though, later that afternoon.
10. Merry Christmas! My family celebrated the Christmas without my 2nd eldest sister since she’s away for work. Yet, my then, future brother-in-law celebrated Christmas with us. It was still fun only a bit incomplete without my sister.
11. Happy New Year! We celebrated New Year without my sister and future brother-in-law. It felt the same way as in Christmas.
12. Back for second semester. We finished up filming or shooting our Filipino Project Movie. (You don’t want to know or ask what my role was.)
13. Family Day 2012! Although it has been posted, I still wanna say Class 2013 Rules! Class 2013 Rocks! Class 2013 is the best! We won the Perpetual Trophy or the trophy given to the Class that won the over-all competitions in the Family Day.
14. Oh yeah, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. I watched it with friends and classmates and I actually cried.
15. JS Prom. As already posted. Yes, it was fun.
16. I did make better grades than in my sophomore year.
17. The idea of Ubiquitous Series popped in my head. So when I finish Destiny Trilogy, I move on to Ubiquitous to continue the adventure.

Hoorah to me!! I’m going to be a Senior and I vow to do my best specially in the entrance exams for college. I want to study badly in the best schools here in the Philippines (i.e. UP, Ateneo, UST, La Salle). Good luck to me now!


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