Summer is Summer

Summer is about to end (well, probably not since I’m still going to Cebu for health reasons). I said before in this blog that I will be blogging since it’s summer. Which means there’s no school, which also means not a lot of work to do. However, I was drawn to the aura of the Lazy Demon. Aside from that, I was irritated by a certain person. (Not going to say his/her name of course. And no, just because I used his/her doesn’t mean this person is a homosexual.) So what I had just posted two months before was a complete lie. Well, maybe, just a white lie. (But still is a lie.) I’m supposed to be watching Game of Thrones now or managing my football team (an internet interactive game) but since I was reminded by a classmate about my blog so I’m doing this now.

Oh, what the heck. I’m just going to write about summer or something. I honestly thought before not to write anything related to the internship that took place just a month ago just because it ended 2 weeks ago. But still I’ll be writing this. (Like Becky Jackson said, “Lay off haters.”) Okay, so summer started for me to a trip in Camotes Island (and I will damn promote the place because it’s amazingly beautiful). The experience could have been better if I was able to swim in the beach but as unlucky I was, I had a cough that has lasted for a month and 2 weeks already. The week after that, I had to travel again. Sadly the travel did not involve riding pump boats. I, along with several classmates, went to Baybay for our internship. So, there I was still suffering from the cough. The experience was a lot of joy. We learned many stuff, saw equipment that we have never seen or heard of before. We even got to use them like the UV Spectrophotometer. (That was just awesome!) I could never forget the Assistant Dorm Manager (at Cattleya where us girls stayed), Ma’am Cha who was very nice to us and was there to watch over us when we had our river trekking. (Which a part of it was embarrassing for me since I slipped and I thought I could have almost died. Imagine me getting hit by the boulders lying on the river.) I’ll make the long story short for this. Anyhow, I wasn’t also allowed to swim since once again, I still had my cough. (I thought I might have pneumonia or tuberculosis.) I know none of us who were there would  forget about Sir Jacob (the professor who looked half-American or half-European) since he laughed at almost anything. (“Sir, naubos na yung NaCl.” Sir Jacob laughs.) Hahay. 😀 Also I could not forget of how almost I dreaded I wasn’t going to be able to walk again because something happened to my knee. Because I swore I felt and I saw how my thigh bone and my leg bone was sort of “disconnected”. Luckily, I can still walk. I did not even go to the infirmary. (Woots for me!) One of the most obscene things we saw was the horses in the Animal Science Department having, well….you know. We also had a field trip to SC Global and PNOC-EDC. It was awesome! We met an alumnus from our school and we were trying to match him with Ma’am Cha. Haha! (We did not get to know his name.) I still have a lot of things to do. I haven’t even finished the requirements after the internship! Oh well, I’ll watch GoT first and then maybe get back to work again.

This. to me, is the most awesome picture of us together.




That girl behind who looks like she’s almost falling made that photo on top of the page. Thank you!


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