Promises Are They Really Meant To Be Broken?

Well I’m not gonna talk about spiritual stuff about promises and how people usually break it. I’m not in the mood to do so. I mean it needs wisdom to talk about it and I don’t think I have that much wisdom. So anyway I am basically doing this post just because I’m bothered (or disturbed could be the term) about the promise I made to myself and to a very close friend. Well, as I am on the edge of finishing the trilogy I’ve been working on for almost four years now. I started writing the first book May 2008 and since I am already in the last book I had planned and promised to finish it on May this year. I will end the trilogy the same month I started it. However, it seems that I can’t finish it this month since it looks like there’s still a lot of things I need to discuss in the book. I also find it hard to juggle between finishing school requirements for the post-internship. That’s just all I wanted to state here.

P.S. I’m basically inspired today since I found out I have 3 followers. (Wow, that’s just small numbers.) Yet, it’s such a big deal knowing that there are people reading these random things I post. So thank you very much to my followers. 😀

Another P.S. I don’t know which category I’m gonna be putting this. ?? o.O


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