I don’t know how other people define amusing or how or when do they say something is amusing.  Looking back, it amuses me how I handle my writing habits. One thing I know, I don’t like writing early morning when I wake up (wow, that sounded like a song). There’s just nothing coming out of my head. As much as possible I could start writing by 8 or 9 in the morning. I did that when I was still writing Books 1 and 2 of the trilogy. Usually, it happened while at school. (Then, people will like stare at me and wonder what I was doing. And I’m just like, “Stop staring. I can’t focus on the scene here.”) I also don’t like writing my books when there’s loud music. It’s just like when I’m reading or studying (English, Social Science, Filipino, Values Ed.) for exams. Whenever I’m in my writer’s block “season”, I stop for a while and will only get back to it until my imagination starts running much more faster. I often had writer’s block whilst writing the second book and the beginning and middle part of the third book. So far, (since I’m already at the almost end part of the last book) I’m not having any writer’s block. Every single thing that will be happening at the end of the trilogy is very clear to me. Another one of my habits is that, as much as possible I don’t eat while writing. I get carried away when I’m eating. When there are things I’m having a hard time to describe or to name something, I always use Google and the amazing dictionary.  But what really amuses me (although, it doesn’t seem like a habit) is I write just about anywhere or anytime it suits me. I know I’ve said I don’t like writing early in the morning but there was this one time I was writing very early in the morning. It was still during my internship. I was having a hard time sleeping due to my excessive barking caused by allergies, sinusitis, and phlegm stuck on my throat. So I was there, sitting on the chair, in front me was my notebook (I’m writing the third book there). I just started writing 2 o’clock in the morning to take my mind off the bad feeling. So yeah. That’s what happened. Anyway, last Thursday while my sister was sleeping in the ship (we were travelling to Cebu. She was sleeping in the bed.) I was writing the third book, ignoring the loud snore of the guy sleeping on the top bunk of the bed. Ignoring the noises of the other people (which sounded more like whispers) and the voices of the Showtime Hosts. Yesterday while I was waiting for the fast craft to arrive and board the said water/sea (whatever you call it) transportation, I was writing (again), seated in one of the chairs in the waiting area for the passengers. (I really wanted to write since I can’t stand waiting for 2 hours for the craft.) I was alone that time too. 😥 It’s okay. At least now I’m home.

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