What Is Next For Me In College?

I don’t know what to expect when I go to college except that I am having thoughts that it will be a lot harder than high school, particularly in my high school. It always seem like a really big thing to the movies or shows I watch. It’s like, “Oh! I’m going to college. I have to leave my parents home and maybe move to a room with a friend.” And also like, “Oh, I have to throw all these stuff away ’cause I’m going to college.” Yet, it means more here in my country. It’s your key of getting a good or perfect job.

It has always been a dream of mine to become a doctor. But what specifically? That dream ignited as when I was younger I suffered frequent chest pains and inability to breathe normal. Since then I dreamed of becoming a doctor. I imagined myself curing other people’s illness. Then just late last year, I found no spark in that dream anymore. As if all those days of dreaming no longer matters. I was then fascinated in becoming a geologist. For no apparent reason at all. I just think its cool when you will be called a geologist. But I don’t know exactly what will I be doing as a living once I’m a geologist or where I was going to work. Then I found out about EDC where they have geologists working for them. It became much more of an interest. Yet, now that I am reviewing for college entrance exams, I’m having second thoughts in which course I am going to take. What course or courses will I write on the application letters? As much as I love writing, I don’t think it would be a wise move if I take courses related to it. What am I ensuring here with this College Courses? Of course, the job. I need to get a good job. One that I can earn a good living. One that I can save money and build my dream home and treat my parents for all the sacrifices they did for me. But is that all. Earlier this afternoon, I reflected on which course would I take. I realized that I shouldn’t be thinking about me. I should be thinking who would benefit of my work. Well, aside from me and my family. Then I thought, shouldn’t I be working for God? All that I have been dreaming of doing are superficial and temporary. Would I receive happiness when I have a good job and earn that much money for my work? Yes. But that is only temporary. If I work on things in God’s will, that is only when I receive the everlasting joy. I will continue writing. I know that for sure. I have vowed to dedicate every book I write to God. All in His willingness. It wouldn’t be like a spiritual journey book. It will be fantasy fiction but will teach and inspire people through God’s words. (And by that, I mean the Bible.) Writing will only be a sideline. But for now, I think I am on the verge of deciding to take a medicine course (Human Biology first. The school contract has no medicine course.) Why is that? Was it not the profession I dreamed because I care and empathize with people who are sick? While was I not only inclined to geology because the job sounded cool? I had no purpose for that. It has always been my philosophy that everything you should do must have a purpose. A greater purpose.  Far beyond this world. Lastly, no matter what happens I’ll have this only one purpose: To serve my man as I serve God.

P.S. You may think I’m a religious person. But I’m not. I only know one thing I’ve accepted God. I believe in Him. I will live  this life in His will.

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