A friend told me that I haven’t been updating. So true. I don’t know why. It seems after the last post I did, I have no idea yet what to blog about. So I’ll do a quick recap on everything that has existed in this blog.

The first things I posted was just about the weirdness in my world. Well, sometimes I recognize myself as a self-proclaimed autistic. Don’t worry I’ve never been to a psychologist and I have never been diagnosed with autism. This world existed because I didn’t have many friends as I toddler. (How sad for me. I must have had a lonely childhood.) Going back to the topic, I blogged about these supposed people who exist in my head (Imagination. I’m thinking of Spongebob now.) Then I blogged about a few characters from my stories. I think I still recall who a few (Rowan Wilde, Bill Edison and Fegan Worf). Then I just blogged about random stuff. Stuff that I see and observe in the random days of my life. Now, I guess I wouldn’t be able to blog so much. I would be very busy with all the stuff to do as a High School Senior. I have to finish Research, study for College Admission Tests and of course I need to get better grades than last school year and then be able to graduate. That’s my goal for this year aside from getting many followers on Twitter. Follow me  on twitter @iamhappybutsad. So anyway, this is just a warning that I may not be able to check on my account for months (probably). But if I have free/spare time, I WILL blog. That is all.





Just so you know, I like Boyce Avenue and I love Backstreet Boys. And I like this cover.


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