The Journey of Writing

It’s been a week since I’ve finished the trilogy and guess what? I almost cried. It’s just a great joy for me. This is like a really big accomplishment for me. But still I need to read through all the books and edit the errors. Then, I will go on typing it on this computer.

Four years. That’s how long I wrote the trilogy. Back in 2007, I wrote this short story called “Darkness Falls”. I still remember the whole plot of that story. There’s this guy protagonist, who sees things beyond others. So he sees zombies, ghosts and all other paranormal. I admit that this whole Darkness Falls was lame. It was your typical fantasy story. When I actually read it two years later, I was ashamed of myself. There were a lot of grammatical errors and it was really just had a weak plot. I don’t know what I was even thinking. A year later, I wrote this short story – Every Second Is A Sin. I was so inspired to write that because of this classmate who was really getting on my nerves. Anyway, the story was about this guy who sinned in every second of his life. I know. This wasn’t as believable as I had intended it to be. But I still like this story actually. The same year I wrote “Intelligence Is Nothing Without God”. And again this was inspired by the same pestering classmate. I also like this. It tells about a boy who’s so full of himself. This person thinks he’s the superior of them all because he’s so smart. It ended with him having faith in God. Summer of 2008, my sisters and I went to the public library in the locality. My sister borrowed Phantom of The Opera while I borrowed The Adventures of Bailey School Kids. (hehehe :D) After I was done with the Bailey School Kids, I borrowed the Phantom of The Opera. I was so moved with the story and that I was so inspired that I took out an old notebook and started writing my novel. At first, I didn’t have a title for it. The heading was simply blank. Like it was destined to be, this word (Destiny) just shot right through my brain and that was it. That is the title of the book. The whole 2 months of summer I spent it writing the first book. Everyday all I did was write. I only took breaks when I have to eat or go to the loo or to sleep. So I managed to finish the first book in two months. I didn’t initially plan for it to be a series or a trilogy. August 2008, I decided to write a sequel to the first book. I finished the second book about the middle of 2009. This was funny because it was my first year in high school. I didn’t know how to socialize with other people so I was just there, in our classroom and every break or lunch or free periods I was only writing. I already knew I wanted a third book. I was already sure it was going to be trilogy but I didn’t know what the final book would be about. Fortunately, due to the spontaneous and unexpected plots I put, I was able to envision the third book. The third book was actually the one that took the longest to write. In my sophomore year, I became more comfortable with being in high school. There were times that I was preoccupied with school works and friends. So I wasn’t really writing much. The final book’s time span was from late 2009 to  2012.

Now, I will move on from Destiny to Ubiquitous. I am writing a new series. However, I am in a slow progress. I don’t know if it’s because my fingers hurt from writing and taking down notes or is it because I’m just lazy. For sure, it’s not writer’s block that’s been keeping me from writing because I’ve been seeing the things that will happen in the series.

Finally, I would like to thank my dear friend who has been my schoolmate for 10 years and classmate for 8 years because you have clarified some things to me and made the stories better with your advises. Thank you! 😀

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