A Totally Assorted Week

The week is going to end again. The days have passed by quite quickly, hasn’t it? Well, anyway, it’s been three weeks since the start of a new school year and I’m getting a lot of crap from people and from school! However, I’ve also gotten no craps from those three mentioned. So I’ll start of with no craps and craps with school.

CRAP. from school:

1. What the heck is Monday all about?! Damn it. Can you just imagine a day packed with all SMT (Science, Math and Technology) subjects. And to think that this Monday we had an open-notes quiz in math about parabola. But how the fudge will I be able to find P1 and P2. I didn’t know the process of finding the length of that thing. So that night, I read my sister’s math book back when she was in high school, only to find out that P1 and P2 are actually the endpoints of the latus rectum! (How could I have gone so stupid?) Then, there was a very tiresome exercise in Biology about genes and alleles. Then, there was Chemistry where we had to solve this freaking rate law. Then we had Physics. No need to say more.

2. Karma in quizzes. I found out I failed three quizzes so I was like so depressed and frustrated because I studied for those subjects yet, I failed. Then I thought, this was Karma. KARMA. KARMA, baby! I haven’t been to church for about three Sundays, I guess. So yeah.

3. My seat is right up above the “Final Destination” electric fan. If you’ve watched Final Destination, you will know that there will be this person who will get a freaking premonition of these exaggerated deaths. This electric fan’s cover (or whatever you call it) is broken. So the blade is quite exposed to the outside. So I’m having these thoughts that I might have some exaggerated death because of this fan.

4. Friggin’ quizzes were either confusing or difficult. One particular quiz was confusing and the other was difficult.

5. Boring classes are boring. No further explanation.

CRAP. from people:

1. Excuse me doesn’t work for the man. Monday morning before I got to school there was this guy who is apparently playing deaf or just simply inconsiderate. So the PUJ that I was riding was almost at my school and so I knocked with the coins I had to signal that it was my destination. And there’s this guy sitting on a stool almost right in front of me. I got up and politely said, “Excuse me.” The guy didn’t move. So I was like, “How the heck am I going to pass if this man won’t budge.” So I repeated. He didn’t move. I repeated but with force. He didn’t move. So I just raised my foot, not caring if I step on other people or hitting other people just because this man won’t move the heck out-of-the-way. Then I said, “Excuse me”  for the  last time but with irritation and force. But he really won’t move so I ended up saying, “F**k you!” Lucky for him, I didn’t hit him with the umbrella I was holding at that moment. Lucky for him, I’m not that violent.

2. Hypocrites are hypocrites. I hate it when people talk about other people saying that this person does this, does that which the first person doesn’t like about but they don’t realize they are actually doing the same thing. (I hope that made sense.)

3. She shouldn’t just be involving herself with other people’s conversation. And yes, I am talking about a classmate who apparently I have noticed to be constantly involving herself with conversations she isn’t even a part of. And I mean when she just butts in by talking about unrelated things about the topic. I would like to tell you, that you’re making yourself look stupid and annoying.

4. When there’s supposed to be practiced, why have you gone AWOL? I just got so irritated this week because we were supposed to have a presentation in one of the subjects and then a member of your group has just gone AWOL. And I’m like, “Why can’t you have a bit of consideration with your team members?” You’ve gone missing and then, when you’re present you seem not to be listening or cooperating. UGH.

5. People throw rocks at things that shine. A friend told me that he really believes in that line from a Taylor Swift song. I do, too. So this week, there are these certain people whom I have felt are making me look bad towards others. Sometimes, I just put out with it by laughing at whatever these people are saying or retorting it or whatever comes out of my head. Sometimes, these people are making me feel bad about myself like I’m not good enough, like I’m so stupid, like I’m not up to par with them. (I’m actually crying now while typing this. Honestly.)  I don’t what’s their deal. Is this because I have wronged you? But I don’t recall anything. But I remember someone said that other people will make you feel inferior because they are insecure of you. But what’s to envy about me? Maybe I’m just completely clueless. I would like to say that, “I’m so much better than you!” But that won’t be true because I would only be saying it out of spite. However, someday, I will show all of you that I’m up to par with you and that thank you for making feel bad because you have helped molded me into a better person.

6. If you go B******* on me, I’ll pray for you. Initially I would have said, “If you go b******* on me, I would go b******* on you!” But I remember God said to pray for those people who persecute you. So that is what I’m going to do. However, just this afternoon I felt like one of the passengers in the PUJ was b******* on me so I was really pissed. But now I have completely ignored it.

7. It’s good to be candid but you should know your limitations. This certain person is so frank that he/she relates his/her this personality with stories/sermons. It’s gone way overboard with this person’s personality. You’re being inappropriate at some point in time. I don’t know if this might be because we have contradicting opinions and philosophies in life. But this doesn’t mean, I hate this person or I’m indifferent towards him/her.


1. The awkwardness every single class. I won’t classify this us crap since this wasn’t really a bad incident. Our teacher just has this whole awkward atmosphere during his classes. But I actually feel sorry for him.

2. There are no more. o.O


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