I’m Watching The Walking Dead Just In Case A Zombie Apocalypse Really Happens So At Least I Know What To Do

Okay so the weekdays are over. There are still quizzes and assignments to accomplish but I can handle them. (I guess.) Today we had a career talk since I’m a senior. The Atenean guy made me convinced that I wanted to study in Ateneo. Whoah! Yeah. I was so “attracted” to the school’s offers. It gives me hope that I won’t be stuck with only studying the sciences but I can actually minor in a course that I want to. and I’m thinking of minoring in Creative Writing or Literature. It really is my passion to write. I’ve already declared to myself that creative writing to me is no longer a hobby but a passion. That would be cool if I major in Health Sciences and then minor in Creative Writing. My only problem now is that I might not get accepted. (Pessimistic much?) Another problem is that my parents and sisters might not allow me due to the high tuition fee. But hey, there are such things as scholarships, right? And oh yeah, my personal problem is that I might feel inferior if I study there since most of the people there are coming from privileged families. Ugh. I really want to study in Ateneo.

There were two foreigners at school today for the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Career Talk. It was so overwhelming to actually personally hear a foreigner speak in their native tongue. Their accents were so overwhelming. hehehehe. I don’t know if I want to apply for MIT. I mean, that would mean I have to travel halfway across the planet earth to study and I don’t think my parents or sisters would be able to sustain my needs there. Plus, I will be homesick. (Like the saying goes: There’s no place like home.)

So tonight I will be watching The Walking Dead again just in case a real zombie apocalypse happens. At least I know I need to load myself with guns and know how to drive.

The Walking Dead
Rick being mobbed by Walkers

I like this scene because I was like, “Rick, why did you have to go there? And with a horse, really?” 😀


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