I Thought It Was “I’m ready to mingle!” But It’s “I’m ready to Bingo!” That Bothers Me

Super Junior released their 6th album. Yehey! SJ is back! Kangin is back! I was so psyched about it and I know a lot of ELFs were just like me. The very moment I read the news about Super Junior’s album is called Sexy, Free and Single, I immediately Googled them. Ohmygosh! Ohmygosh! I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs but I couldn’t because that would be inappropriate and weird. On June 28, SM Town released a music video teaser for Sexy, Free & Single on their official Youtube Channel. This is probably one of the best music videos of the group. (My top 2  favorite music video is still It’s You and No Other.) Thank SM Entertainment for spending money on Super Junior. LOLOLOL. I saw this photo in Facebook the moment the music video teaser was out.

And I was like, “So true.”

So here is how the album looks like:

I personally don’t find the cover as attractive as their other albums. It’s okay but it’s not great. But I still like it since it’s simple but beautiful. Anyway, I love the tracks of this album. First track is of course, Sexy, Free and Single. When I heard this song in this teaser, I actually thought they said, “Sexy, Free & Single. I’m ready to mingle.” But it’s actually, “I’m ready to bingo!” This line bothers me because I’m like, “What do you mean about ‘I’m ready to bingo!’ ?” It bothers me. A LOT.

The second song in the album is From U. As the first few lines go, “This song is dedicated to the world’s biggest fan club. The ‘ELFs’.” This song is just sweet as I am an ELF. By the way, if you are wondering what ELF is. It stands for Everlasting Friends. Super Junior has actually the 4th biggest fan club worldwide.  Justin Bieber’s Beliebers are first, next is Rihanna’s fan club and Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters are third. :I’m so proud of being an ELF.”

Gulliver is the third song in the album. Shindong, Leeteuk, Donghae and Eunhyuk (ft. Ryeowook) sing this song. Well, they are actually sort of rapping. But it tells about how great Super Junior is and all that. I like the part where it goes, “SJ in the house. Make way for the new king.” It’s like a follow-up of their song Superman with this line, “Super Junior! The Last Man Standing!”

The fourth song is Someday and I love it. I actually like any ballad songs of SJ. Specifically because Yesung gets all the high notes and his voice is just so amazing! The 5th and 6th songs are Now and Rockstar, respectively. I’m not to psyched about these songs but I still like it. Bittersweet is the seventh song in the album which is a ballad. And once again I like it! Butterfly is the 8th song and of which I thought is a ballad because of its title. But it’s actually an upbeat song! I like it but not as much as I like Sexy, Free & Single. Butterfly sort of reminds me of “Good Friends” from the 5th album. Daydream is the 9th song and once again, it is a ballad with a bit of RnB. And once again, I love it. A ‘Good’ Bye is the last song in the 6th album. I like it so much. If I have to rank the songs from the ones I like the best to the least favorite, it will be this:

1. From U

2. A “Good” Bye

3. Daydream

4. Sexy, Free & Single

5. Someday

6. Gulliver

7. Bittersweet

8. Butterfly

9. Now

10. Rockstar


Super Junior 6th Album Poster


cr: SM Town



P.S. I’ve missed Kangin so much. I’m glad he’s back.


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