The Last Pisay Night

Before I start talking about my last Pisay Night, I will first talk about the past three Pisay Nights.

The first ever Pisay Night (which was obviously during my freshman year) was not so fun. I could hardly remember it. Oh now, I remember! Well, there were a few who cried. They actually fought over what the other person was wearing. But basically, I went home about ten in the evening. The second Pisay Night. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I don’t quite remember. But it was the first time we had PGT or Pisay Got Talent. The seniors won. I didn’t really dance because my sister and mother arrived (in case I decided I wanted to go home) so I was embarrassed they would see me dancing. Hehe.

Last year’s Pisay Night was good. It was the second Pisay Got Talent and oh my gosh I’ve never been so amazed by this freshman participant who has an incredible voice. This freshman girl won the second PGT. She sang a Charice song, and in my opinion she’s better than Charice. (No offense meant.) We had light sticks and the food was great. My light stick was broken into pieces because I was so caught up with cheering for Paran Boys (which was one of our Class participants). I left about almost ten in the evening because for a certain reason that I don’t want to talk about.

So now, I will begin with last night’s Pisay Night. I arrived home from school after the opening program of the Foundation Day at around noon. I took some clothes out and ironed them for that night (the Pisay Night). I didn’t go to sleep on the afternoon. Rather, I was sitting in front of my laptop and going in on Youtube to watch Super Junior videos or anything else. I think I was enjoying myself to much in Youtube that I hadn’t realized it was already 4:31 pm. (The Pisay Night, as said in the Parent’s Permit, starts at 5 but it actually started around 7.) So I immediately turned my laptop off and get dressed. I did not wear a dress because it’s uncomfortable and I don’t really like wearing one. I arrived at school only to find out there were only a few seniors. So I waited until at least 4 of us decided to go to the gymnasium (covered court). So we waited there for I guess, an hour until the event started. I observed the people around me. I’ve noticed a few who had their eyebrows plucked and I guess, I haven’t mentioned this but I totally disagree with this kind of things. People usually do this in order for them to look “better” but honestly, they look worse. And I’ve never liked these kind of things. I believe that people shouldn’t bother wearing make up. They should stick with natural beauty and what God has given them. I also noticed a few were like wearing dresses that are almost like they’re going to a formal gathering. Relax people!

Of course, we started off with a prayer and last year’s PGT champ sang The Prayer. We ate and I remember being obsessive and compulsive about the food. The waiter had accidentally let a drip of coke into my food. But I wasn’t angry. (Maybe a little.) We had light sticks again! 😀

Then we had Showtime (the replacement for PGT.) There was a total of 9 participants – 3 from the seniors and two each from the juniors, sophomores and 7th graders. In our Class/Batch, we had two dance groups and a duo. All of our three participants were on Top 5. Yey! I really believe that Nida Boys deserved to win. They were so synchronized, and they were entertaining. (Four of the members were actually members of Paran Boys. And ironically, they have one girl member.) And for the Music Video contest, oh well. We didn’t win either. But anyway, I’m not bitter. But I love Class 2013 so much that the results hurt. 😦

The most incredible thing that happened to me was that I actually went to the “dance floor” to dance. Well, for the most part of it I was only jumping.  It was fun we danced to Party Rock, Teach Me How To Dougie, Glad You Came, Last Friday Night, California Girls, etc. I didn’t dance once when the Budots song was played because everybody would do this Budots dance that just bothers me. So sorry. So I stick with saving my sanity and as much as possible, stayed away from anyone who was doing the Budots dance. I went home, for the first time, at midnight because I requested my mother to let me stay until 12 since it’s going to be my last Pisay Night. This is the most awesome Pisay Night ever.

——-> They said there was going to be Sine ‘Mo ‘To? Where was that Sine ‘Mo ‘To?


7 thoughts on “The Last Pisay Night

  1. Hi:)

    I thought your blog was interesting and I like the honesty in your writing. What is a pisay and what is a budots dance?

    I would like to tell you a bit about me.

    My name is Lydia and I was a foster child and now an aspiring filmmaker. I am writing you because I think that you may like what I am writing about and I like to connect with others that I could learn from and share stories with. I was given six banker boxes of documented abuse. It was very cold and factual with no life or love in it. So I decided to start publishing original journal entries from childhood between my cousin and I. I named it Izzie and Eden’s Journal.

    We used to write our secrets and plan escapes in it. I hope you stop by and take a look. It is very important to me to share it and keep the story alive. Take care and I look forward to reading more of your post! Sincerely, Lydia


    1. Oh wow. First, Pisay Night is like a party or celebration of our school’s foundation day. My school has been nicknamed, “Pisay” and this celebration happens during the night. 🙂 Second, Budots is a popularized dance here in my province. Well, I don’t know about the rest of the country. But you can actually search Budots on Youtube.
      Thank you for that compliment, really. I actually like stories that stick to reality and made believe or fantasy fiction stories. But I like the former better. I would love to read your original journal entries. Once again, thank you! I’ll be updating. 😀


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