I’m Officially 16

Obviously, today is my birthday. I, honestly, don’t see the point blogging about my birthday since nothing really special happened but I’m doing this anyway.

I don’t know exactly what time people greeted me on Facebook. I guess those who were online even in the middle of the tsunami alert warning, managed to greet me a happy birthday and post status about how strong the earthquake was. Thank you to everyone who greeted me a happy birthday.

So I woke up this morning about 6 because it was too cold and I was coughing. I slept beside my father because he was the only parent I could find protection from whatever disaster will come. (There was a really strong earthquake last night here in the eastern part of the Philippines.) I continued my interrupted studying session with my Biology book and checked my phone. My sister, Mammy, greeted me a happy birthday. Her text message was actually short but so touching. After eating my breakfast (by the way, my father wasn’t aware it’s my birthday), I slept again and waking up because my other sisters who are away called to greet me. I checked my phone again to see classmates and unknown contacts greeting me. Now, there was no special food prepared because we don’t have money for that. My mother (who is away) said we’ll have the small “celebration” next Saturday when she and my sister come home. I’m not sad about not having special food prepared. What mattered to me was that my sisters and parents will remember it’s my birthday. And they did except for my father, which is just okay since he’s old. I thanked each one who greeted me on Facebook, even the ones I don’t know personally. Then, I remembered my birth certificate. I was born 6:20 something in the evening, 16 years ago today. So technically, this morning and afternoon, I was still 15 and I wasn’t celebrating my birthday yet. >:D haha

For now, I’ll just give 16 facts about me (since I’m officially 16):

1. I am the youngest of six daughters.

2. My favorite colors are blue, red and green. Most specifically, Pearl Sapphire Blue (ELFs will understand this).

3. I am Herpetophobic. I have a strange fear of lizards.

4. I have an imaginary world.

5. I love Super Junior. The only K-Pop act I like so much.

6. I like Big Time Rush, Ed Sheeran, Backstreet Boys, Westlife, A1, Boyz II Men, Demi Lovato, The Wanted, All Time Low, and Blue.

7. I don’t like mixing two or more different dishes or getting them in contact in any way.

8. I love Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson Series, Narnia, Heroes of Olympus Series.

9. I hate it when I cry in front of a lot of people.

10.  I am a hairy person. Seriously, like I have hair all over my arms and legs.

11. I have sinusitis and allergic rhinitis.

12. I love cats.

13. I’ve written and finished three novels. Destiny Trilogy.

14. I don’t like being around a crowd.

15. I’ve failed one subject once. Math 2.

16. I’d like to live or visit Australia and “meet” kangaroos and koalas.


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