And They Are Not One Direction. . . They Are Called One2Five For Some Reason I Don’t Know

During the summer, Payphone and Call Me Maybe were just everywhere. I would here it anywhere. Then coincidentally, while surfing on YouTube to watch for the first time the music video of Maroon 5’s Payphone, I saw this suggested video to watch. The thumbnail picture was of somehow like a boy band. I hover my cursor over it and it said, “Maroon 5 – Payphone Cover By One2Five (Official Video)”, and I was like another boyband?? And why is their band name somehow similar to One Direction?

I watched the video and somehow impressed with what they are doing with their voices. The harmony and blending. But I can’t help notice that one member of this group has the same hair as Zayn Malik of 1D. Well, the first thing I noticed in the video was that the first guy who sang is actually cute. Okay. Looking up at the comments, I see a lot of hate because they think they are wannabe One Direction or they look like One Direction and all those other hates. I certainly don’t see them as a wannabe One Direction or One Direction look-alike. Well, maybe the other one is sporting a hairstyle similar to that of Zayn Malik but come on, we just don’t know maybe that guy have had that hairstyle way back before Zayn Malik did, right? Plus, these guys are doing stuff I haven’t heard of One Direction. One2Five boys know how to utilize their voice. By that I mean, they know about harmony and blending! And I have never heard 1D even do that! Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying I hate 1D. I actually kind of like few of their songs. But they’re too mainstream. And I really don’t like these people saying their One Direction wannabes because they are different. They are One2Five!

So about a month later, while I was again on YouTube, I remember One2Five so I checked them out again and hello new cover! Their second cover is Don’t Wake Me Up by Chris Brown. I was kind of impressed because this cover music video is far different from the Payphone Cover Video. A month later they did another cover of Justin Bieber’s All Around The World. This time they are freaking dancing. They have no synchronization in terms of dancing. They should work on it more. Their latest cover video is Taylor Swift’s We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. And this is the best cover yet!

I did some research about them over the internet when they released the Don’t Wake Me Up cover video and this is what I found out: P.S. They are from Sweden.

This is Johan Hammenfors – the first guy singing in the Payphone cover video.

This is Adam Bodus. I read somewhere that Bodus isn’t really his last name.

This is Michael Lee Cheung, the Asian Guy. His voice is really good.

Now this is Samuel Danielsson or just Sam. I call him the Guy with the Guitar. He’s the one playing the guitar in Don’t Wake Me Up and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

This last guy is Simon Samaeng. He’s the guy everyone’s saying looks like Zayn Malik. In my opinion, he looks more like Tyler Posey.

Here are the cover videos:


Don’t Wake Me Up

All Around The World

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

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