She has no idea…Looking for a boyfriend, I see that….time of our life!

I haven’t gotten over yet the latest Big Time Rush episode titled, Big Time Decision. I don’t want to spoil people but I’m still going to do this anyway. So let’s take a while back in the past season.

In season 2 of Big Time Rush, there was this episode called Big Time Rocker. We [the viewers] are introduced to a new character named Lucy Stone. From that moment when she entered Palm Woods, the Big Time Rush boys crushed on her. But Logan and Kendall chose to drop the crush because of their past relationships. So James and Carlos fought over her. The episode was just full of  “Friendzone” and the whole Big Time Rush is cute (which Kendall opposes to). And BTR sang Paralyzed. “I try to speak but girl you got me tongue-tied. I try to breathe but I’m f-f-frozen inside~” Okay. Enough with the singing. There was a scene in that episode when Lucy went to sit by the pool beside Kendall. That moment. That very moment when Lucy said “Hi” to Kendall, I knew (and I guess other Rushers thought of it, too) a relationship more than friends would stir up between them. And yes! I (and others if they thought about it) was right! Then, I saw an episode where BTR sang All Over Again and Lucy winked at Kendall. She winked! At Kendall! [No! This shall not be! Only Jo-Kendall!]

In season 3, they sort of went out on a dinner with Lucy’s parents and oh my gosh, they sang Cover Girl!. Then, here comes Big Time Surprise! The episode before Big Time Decision. In Big Time Surprise, Kendall decided to officially ask Lucy to be his girlfriend out on a date. But here comes ex-boyfriend of Lucy, Beau, trying to win her back. In which by the way, the episode tells that Beau is way gorgeous and hotter than James and Jet Stetson. Kendall discovered that Beau is still cheating on Lucy, hence he sought out a plan to show Lucy that Beau is cheating on her. James and Jet joined in the plan because they want Beau a.k.a. much more gorgeous than James and Jet, because they don’t want to be the second most handsome guy on Palm Woods. (Believe me, James is still much better-looking that Beau. But Beau is still more better-looking than Jet.) Lucy heard everything the moment James, Jet, Kendall, and oh yeah, Camille caught Beau on the act using a camera. Lucy finally tells Beau to go away. (Well, not exactly go away.) So Kendall finally got to ask Lucy out. They kissed in the elevator and guess who happened to see them kissing? JO! AAAHH! I wanted to scream at that moment. Jo was perplexed, damn it, upon seeing Kendall kissing another girl. I really hated Kendall in that episode because come on, I don’t think their break-up from Season 2’s Big Time Break-Up Episode was really official. They still loved each other! Oh gosh. Hormones.

So anyway, Big Time Decision is about Kendall trying to decide where he would get back with. Jo, his girlfriend for a long time (from Season 1 Big Time Break/Big Time Dance until Season 2 Big Time Break-Up) girlfriend or Lucy who he just dated, according to Kendall in that episode, for 96 minutes? Logan tried helping him using Love Science but both Lucy and Jo got a perfect 10. Kendall runs away from Palm Woods and ended up sitting outside Rocque Records. Katie saw him and asked him what he was up to. Kendall tells Katie about Jo and Lucy. Katie tells Kendall to walk it off. Kendall refutes it saying his mind doesn’t want to tell him what he needs for an answer. (Okay, not exact words. But the context is almost there.) But Katie tells Kendall that his heart will lead him to where his heart wants to be. (Oooh. Cheesy.) Kendall starts walking and the BTR boys sing No Idea an All Time Low original song that the BTR management asked to cover so Alex Gaskarth sort of, I guess, changed the lyrics. While he was walking around LA and BTR singing No Idea, he saw what we can call as “signs”. And I really thought from that moment that it would be Lucy that his heart wants because he saw this diner with “Lucy’s Diner” and a salon with a poster of girl with a similar hair as Lucy’s, and a car with a “I [heart] Lucy”. Also, I thought that it would be Kucy (Kendall-Lucy) because someone said that if you love two people at the same time, choose the second one because you wouldn’t find and fall for the second one if you still love the first one. But at the end of the episode, Kendall went back to Palm Woods, knocked on someone’s door, and he said, “Hey!” Then the camera shows Jo! And I wanted to scream again! Jendall is happening! Is this for real? Okay, I’m totally fangirling over this. Yuck me. She says, “Hey” and she’s almost crying. Oh the pain! But that was it. I came to realize that it may be that Kendall was only there to tell Jo that he wants to be with Lucy or maybe he was really there to get back with Jo! So I guess, I’ll have to wait for the new episode. Some Rushers have told me via YouTube that it really is Jendall because the Katelyn Tarver’s Jo is on the list of characters for the future episodes; however, Malese Jow’s Lucy Stone is not in the list. Plus, Carlos Pena Jr. tweeted a photo of the last day of shooting for the Season 3 Finale and, Jo and Camille were in that photo so I guess. So fingers-crossed to all Jendall fans. But we’ll never know it might have been Kucy.


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