Teen Tales (Season 1)

Meet Them:


AUSTIN COHEN, the Young Inventor. He likes to deal with machines and is a total geek for science.

FELIX ROCKHILL, the Multilingual Kid. He speaks almost every language in the world (but still prefers to speak English). He has the talent of shutting “bossy” people.

JIYEON SUNG, the Charming Junior. She is the charming Korean freshmen. A very obedient and caring girl.

NIKKI THOMAS, the Photo Sweetheart. She loves herself more than anybody else. She likes to take pictures of herself.

BIANCA WILLIAMSON, the Charming Dame. She charms every boy in Year 7 except Felix Rockhill. But she seems to have a problem bossing people around.


MEGAN CHENG, the Cantonese Performer. She’s a stage actress who came to Fahrenheit High School to live a normal life but it hadn’t been normal, sort of.

NERINE CONWAY, the Rookie Star. She is FHS’s newbie.A secretly expert in handball and a childhood friend of a popular FHS jock.

AMBER CORBITT, the Ms. Prim and Proper. She is FHS most popular girl and every boys’ dream girl. She’s high-headed until Mr. Formal enters her life.

JANE EASTMAN, the Simple Lass. She is just an average girl….well, less than average. Nobody notices her but Mr. Nice Guy who will help her make more friends.

LOGAN FABRACANTÉ, the Charming Athlete. He charms every girl in FHS except for one girl. Will he be able to charm her?

JACOB HANSEN, the German Juggler. He is hard-headed because of working in a circus with a really mean and strict owner.

TJ JAFFRAY, the Sickly Dude. He is the English kid with a big problem. TJ suffers a lot from asthma and chronic anxiety.

KIYOKO KIRA, the Sweet Chanteuse. She is the humble and friend-loving newcomer. She gets pleased easily hence, people abuse her kindness.

GWEN KNIGHT, the Lethal Chanteuse. She isn’t gullible. Take note of that.

STEPHANIE REID, the Sweet Damsel. The president of the Earth-loving Club and representative of Growing Green Organization. Yep. She’s a nature-lover all right.

KEN ROCQUE, the Mr. Unpopular. He’s just somebody who’s nobody in the background. Nobody knows him but his friends. Will he ever get the attention?

JULIA RUDNICK, the Music Princess. She is FHS’s violinist and leader of the women handball team. But she had to concede captaincy for her “violin career”.

XAVIER RUTTER, the Prince Of Infinite Glory. He wins almost every competition he signs up to that is why he is nicknamed “The Prince of Infinite Glory”.

ANTHONY RYAN, the Happy-Go-Lucky Guy. He laughs at everything and anything, everytime and anytime. He deals life with jokes.

THEO SCHMIDT, the Mysterious Lad. Theo’s very quiet. He never speaks to anyone about his inner self.

SUNGJO SEO, the Korean Wonder. He is the foreign A-straight student. The FHS geek chic.

TOV YAO, the Mr. Nice Guy. The friendliest of all. His friendliness will earn him more than just a friend.

DUNCAN YOO, the Mr. Formal. He came from an upper-class family who had “trained” him to be “formal”. Nevertheless his status, Duncan is more than meets the eye.


TYRONE CLARKE, the Bashing Cutie. He is FHS “shy boy”. Tyrone has stage frights and has an unexplainable phobia of crowds and people.

ANDY DOROUGH, the Rich Teen. All his life he has been surrounded with wealth. He thinks it’s the only that can make him happy.

DAVE ELLIS, the Joker Jock. He is the big brother of the FHS Football team because of his fun-loving attitude. He has the talent of getting away with his pranks and jokes.

SIGMUND KAUFFMANN, the Clan’s Bad Boy. He is the popular bad guy. The odd man out of the football team.

ROBIN MCHILL, the Loving Lad. He is everybody’s friend. You can count on that. He cares so much about his family and friends.

KYLIE RICKMANN, the Comedic Performer. The comedienne of FHS is her. She’s been playing comedienne in children’s parties to make ends meet.

VICTORIA ROBINS, the Gentle Rebel. Her life has never been easy since her father died. She struggles to find herself since then.

BRITT WARWICK, the Good Child. The only daughter of two engineers. Britt has always been a role model child.

LAURA WESTWICK, the Leader. She is very outspoken. She has her own opinions that she will fight for.


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