Robin was digging a  shallow hole with his feet while waiting for his little sister. It was the first day of Year 9. He was excited to see his friends but at the same time he was anxious. His sister, Reigh, had not been well. The past three weeks, she had been crying every single night. Their mum wasn’t there so Reigh was afraid. She was afraid of bad guys and ghosts, and their cop mother seemed to be the protector of Reigh. Robin understood why. Their dad was always stressed out with work. He seemed cowardly for a father. Well, that is at least what Robin and Reigh have seen of him.

Robin stopped digging. He heard a loud honk. He walked towards the road to see what it was.

Dad. He sighed.

Mr. McHill still hasn’t had that old car fixed. It was an old Detroit Muscle. His father pulled a stop in front of their garage. Robin backed once he saw the hood smoking.

“Why haven’t you gotten it fixed?” Robin asked when his father staggered out of the car. Mr. McHill started coughing and waving his hand in front of his face.

“Still don’t have enough money,” he said. He opened the hood and it was smoking like crazy. “Sorry, son.”

Mr. McHill stared at Robin regrettably. “‘Can’t drive you and Reigh to school.”

“That’s ok. We were just waiting for the bus.”

Mr. McHill frowned.

“I meant, I was waiting for Reigh so we could wait for the bus across the street, and I wasn’t really expecting you’d be back early,” Robin said.

His father smiled again. “You miss your mum, don’t you?”

“Reigh misses her more.”

Mr. McHill smiled. “She’ll be back tomorrow night.”

Robin nodded. Reigh ran to her father.

“Dad!” she said.

They hugged for a moment and Mr. McHill told Reigh to go along since they will be late for school. Robin took her hand and, they bade their father goodbye.

The bus arrived exactly the same time they crossed the street. They hurried inside, seating in the back with Robin’s friends – Tov, Anthony, and Tyrone.

“Where’s Britt?” Robin sat beside Anthony, who was bothering Tyrone with solving a Rubik’s Cube. Reigh sat beside the window.

“She went to school earlier because she was called by the Student Council President. Hi, Reigh!,” answered Tov, who was sitting at the other end. Tov was half-Chinese. He had dark messy hair, hooded dark eyes, snubbed nose and thin eyebrows. Tov had a slender body. His arms were, however, muscular as if he was working out.

He and his friends were part of 75% of Fahrenheit High School’s population of the unpopular kids. No doubt about that. Britt was the only one popular enough since she was Year 9’s representative. Robin. Britt, and Tyrone were in the same year. Anthony and Tov were a year younger. They all went to the same Primary School, and were even active members of the Martial Arts Club. Although, it was only Tov who really knew about the martial arts. The four of them were forced to join by Tov so that his favorite club won’t get abolished because of the lack of members. His friends were an odd bunch. Anthony, half-German, was always pulling on pranks and jokes at just about anyone except for the cheerleaders and the players of the football team. Somehow, Anthony made Robin feel a bit scared of the former because of the way he always smiled. Anthony grinned a lot. Robin couldn’t understand why. Tyrone, meanwhile, was unlike Anthony. Tyrone loved being unpopular (Tov and Anthony wants to be as popular as the Football Players). He had a strange fear of people noticing him. He was the shy guy in the group. Robin still did not know how to classify himself in their circle of friends.

The bus stopped at Little Town Elementary School where Reigh was in the 5th Grade. Reigh bade goodbye to Robin and his friends. Anthony gave out a really wide grin that his eyes almost looked like they were close. They were alone with some other students. Anthony kept on squirming on his seat because he was still trying to distract Tyrone. Robin tried pushing him off the seat. But he won’t budge. Tyrone kept on putting his hand on Anthony’s face to push him out of his own face.

“Stop it, Ry!” said the irritated Tyrone. Tyrone, Robin and Tov were the only ones who called Anthony, Ry. It was because of his last name – Ryan. Britt always called him Anthony.

Anthony puffed his face and placed his face near Tyrone’s. Then, he kissed him on the cheek. Tyrone shove him to the side, hence, Anthony hit Robin, and Robin hit the window.

“Stop it, you guys,” Robin grumbled.

“Ry started it,” Tyrone said.

Tov stared at them with an eyebrow raised. He reached his arm for Anthony’s shoulders. He squeezed his shoulders and Anthony cried in agony. The other students ignored them even with Anthony’s whining. Robin laughed. Tyrone moved away from Anthony.

“I’ll stop! Promise!” Anthony cried.

Tov let go, smiling. Robin went serious again. He suddenly remembered his mum. Officer McHill was always the person in authority at home. Like Tov, she had a way of controlling all situations. He missed her. He really did.

“Your mum’s out fighting bad guys. Maybe even a clown,” Anthony said, poking Robin’s nose.

Robin backed his head from Anthony, who was getting closer to creep him out. Anthony backed and smiled.

“Why would his mum be fighting clowns?” asked Tyrone who was now back with his Rubik’s Cube.

“Their sinister evil! Like Joker.” Anthony grinned.

“Have you been watching Joker videos on YouTube?” asked Tov, “Again?”

Anthony smiled. “No. But I read his “biography”. I still don’t get why he’s The Joker. I mean just because he based himself on a joker card, doesn’t mean he has to be The Joker. should be called The Joker. I make jokes. He doesn’t. He’s a clown!”

Tyrone put his Rubik’s Cube back on his bag, and said, “You’re a clown!” He pushed Anthony, making him lie beside Robin.

“Stop it now!” Robin said.

The bus stopped. Anthony immediately snatched Tyrone’s backpack and ran to the front of the bus. Tyrone followed quickly. Tov grunted with Anthony’s little mischief again. So he followed them, too.

“Seriously guys? Every single day?” grunted Robin. He shook his head in disappointment. grabbed his bag, and was the last to get out of the bus.

He walked alone to the huge silver and cobalt blue famous building of FHS. He could hear Laura Westwick already calling the freshmen and the transferees. Just as he was about to evade the swarm of freshmen, Britt pulled him to the side. Britt was a bit shorter than Robin. She was a brunette with wavy hair, olive skin, and deep-set dark brown eyes.

“Hey,” he said brightly, “That was a good greeting!”

Britt smiled. “Help me please.”


“Bring this to the cafeteria ladies. They’re running out of sugar.” She handed him a huge basket.

Robin received it reluctantly, seeing the size of it. “Oh. Okay.”

Britt pushed him back to swarm of freshmen. Robin struggled to see his path. He, then, felt bumping to someone. He looked over his basket, and saw an Asian girl with light brown hair, dark eyes, and pale skin. Freshmen. He thought.

He smiled brightly. “Sorry.” And he left without waiting for the girl’s reply.

Robin was able to pass the mob without bumping to anyone again. He went through the back door near the football field. He carefully put the basket down to open the door.

“Umm…excuse me.”

Robin looked to his left. A short, stocky, boy with dark brown hair, fair skin, and hooded dark eyes was standing beside him.

“Hello.” Robin smiled.

“Do you know where the Student Council President is?” the boy asked.

“Go to the front of the school building. You’ll see a girl calling people in a megaphone. Just go with her and she’ll take you to the president.”


Robin grabbed the basket again but the door was starting to close. Fortunately, the short boy helped him by opening the door for him. Robin looked back once again to the boy and said, “Thanks.”

All Rights Reserved 2012

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