It was half past seven but Felix and his parents still hadn’t arrived at the school. It was a stressful week for Felix. His father, an archaeologist, had been around the world taking Felix with him. Felix did not care about his dad’s work. He used to, but until his father took him and his mother to Egypt during the holidays. His father talked about the ancient Egypt and their gods until the modern Egypt and Mohamed Morsi. It just got boring for Felix. His father was truly dedicated with his work.

Sitting now at the back of his father’s Porsche (Felix believes the Porsche doesn’t fit his father well but it was his mother’s request to buy a Porsche), Felix wondered what was his parents’ love story. He shook his head to forget about it. He couldn’t imagine his father being romantic. Nevertheless, his father taught him loads of language. In fact he can speak almost every language because of his father. Felix is quite thankful for it.

“Aren’t we there yet?” asked Felix.

“Heavy traffic,” his father muttered.

“Felix is going to be late. Why don’t we take a different route?” suggested Mrs. Rockhill.

Felix saw his dad grinned. His father always liked the idea of different. His father backed the car. Slowly, they maneuvered to their right, and went down a narrow road.

“Are you sure this is safe?” Felix asked.

“It’s your father. It’s going to be okay,” his mother replied. That wasn’t very much assuring for Felix. Mr. Rockhill thought of everything as an adventure. Even the simplest of things.

“I don’t want us to get in trouble in my first day. Plus, I’m already late,” Felix said.

“Your father has plans. Always,” Mrs. Rockhill said. Mr. Rockhill turned to Felix for a second, and flashed a toothy grin. Felix huffed. Oh no. He thought.

They swerved to the left, entering the main highway.

Mr. Rockhill turned to Felix and smiled. “See that?”

Felix scowled. “Wasn’t that illegal?” Felix turned to see his mother who would probably scold his father. But she tolerated it. Felix took a deep breath. It’s going to be fine. He told himself.

Finally, they were at school. But instead of going to the front gate, they went to the back gate that overlooked a football field, and a track and field.

“Why here?” asked Felix.

“Because you might be late,” his mother said. “Tschüs!”

“Tschüs.” Felix got off taking his bags and a folder.

His mother still peeped out of the car. “Remember. Tell the President you’ll be staying in the apartments.”

Right. Felix thought. He was staying in the apartments provided by the owners/founders of Fahrenheit High School. His parents were leaving the country. His father had to go to Turkey, and because his father was a bit ADD, his mother also had to come.

It’s going to be a fun year. Felix thought to himself. He hastened his steps while looking at the track and field. He always wanted to join a marathon but could never participate because of his asthma. He looked back on his path and saw a tall, dark-haired guy putting down a basket near a door. He took a deep breath and approached the guy.

“Umm…excuse me,” Felix said.

The tall guy turned to him. He was tall for sure. If Felix would have to stand beside him, he’ll probably shoulder-level with that guy. He was a lean guy, with coal-black almond eyes, and lightly tanned skin.

He smiled and said, “Hello.”

“Do you know where the Student Council President is?”

“Go to the front of the school building. You’ll see a girl calling people in a megaphone. Just go with her and she’ll take you to the president.”


He grabbed his basket. Felix knew he was a bit struggling so he opened the door for him. The tall guy looked back and said, “Thanks.”

Felix nodded. He closed the door as soon the tall guy entered. He walked to the front of the school building. Indeed, there was a girl holding up a megaphone to her mouth. She was almost as tall as the tall guy earlier. Her chestnut-brown hair was in a ponytail. She had deep-set hazel eyes, and ruddy skin. She was shouting at people to go ahead already to their respective classes. When several of the students in the school grounds left, the girl diverted her full attention to them – the newbies.

“Good morning freshmen and transferees,” the girl greeted seriously. “I am Laura Westwick, the Public Information Officer of the Student Council. The students behind me are holding your class schedules. Please pay full attention for once they call your names, you must approach them and get your schedules and immediately line-up behind them. You will be going to the gymnasium for a brief orientation. Thank you! Others with inquiries, please, do not be afraid to approach me.”

Felix did approach her. “Excuse me.”

Laura Westwick looked down at him. Literally. “Yes?”

“I need to see the Student Council President. I’m supposed to be staying in the apartments. The secretariat told me I will have to speak to the president.”

Laura Westwick smiled. Felix felt a bit relieved. He thought Ms. Westwick was somewhat a mean girl.

“Come with me,” she said.

He finally saw the inside of that famous silver and cobalt blue building. It was like any other school he had attended. A huge banner met them when they entered the hallway at the main door of the building. The banner was also in silver and cobalt blue, and it said, “Welcome Back Dragons! Welcome New Dragons! Have A Great Firing Year!” A shadow of a dragon – a European dragon (those dragons with huge bat-like wings) –  with its tail coiled, its wings spreading out, and its head looking above, was printed beside the greetings. Felix felt warmth in his chest. Dragon. He thought in awe.

“The founders had a bit of a thing for dragons,” said Laura Westwick when she noticed him staring at the banner.

They continued in the hallway. There were two large trophy cases that showcased huge trophies won by the school through athletics competition. Beside those trophy cases were bulletin boards covered with glass. There were sign-up sheets posted and some announcements from the school’s football team and the Student Council. Afterwards, the hallway was filled with silver and cobalt blue lockers. A block of six lockers were silver and the next block of lockers were cobalt blue. The floor was painted light yellow, and was shiny and a bit of slippery. There were rectangles painted in silver and cobalt blue in the floor. After every four blocks of lockers were doors to classrooms. They reached the far end of the hallway. Then, they turned to the right. As Felix saw it, the school building had three vertical hallways if he was facing the front of the school building, and if he was facing either left or right sides of the building, there were also three vertical hallways.

“This is the path to the elevators,” Laura Westwick said. “We have elevators because we have old teachers that can’t withstand using the stairs.”

Felix nodded. At the end of that hallway, he saw three elevators – he was facing the two, and the last one was on his left. He and Laura used Elevator 1 (the elevator on their left).

Laura pushed button “5”. The elevator went up. He and Laura did not speak to each other so Felix rather listened to the soothing elevator music. A few minutes later, the elevator door opened. Laura Westwick walked right out of the elevator immediately, and turned to her right. Felix followed her quickly. They were halfway the hall when she stopped, and turned to see him.

“This is the Student Council Office. It is right below the Dean’s Office. You’ll meet the President inside. Don’t worry. He’s nice,” Laura Westwick explained. “The President will have people always assist the newcomers. Have a great day, then!”

Then, she left. Felix stared at the door to the Student Council Office. The door wasn’t silver and cobalt blue. It was just plain mahogany. He knocked twice, and heard someone said through a speaker, which was just right beside the door, to come in. He opened the door slowly. There were two people inside the room. A slim, wavy ash-blond girl, with prominent amber eyes, rosy cheeks, and sun-kissed complexion, was sitting on a chair, looking like a princess, in front of the President’s table. The girl was beautiful. A guy, a little older than the beautiful girl, was standing behind the table with his arms crossed, and looking rather disappointed at the beautiful girl. The guy was tall and lean. He had stiff auburn hair, green eyes (that was really prominent that it seemed to glow), and pallid skin.

“Come have a seat,” the guy said without looking at Felix. He took two seats away from the beautiful girl because it seemed to distract Felix. He read the plaque on the table and it said, “Colton Jack Canes – Student Council President”.

“My father will want to hear what I say,” the beautiful girl said to Colton Jack Canes.

“Please, Amber,” said Colton Jack Canes, “Just leave. I need to attend to other things, too.”

The girl, Amber, huffed irritatingly. “Fine.”

She stood up and walked out of the room. Felix eyes followed her.

“So, how can I help you?”

All Rights Reserved 2012

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