A nice laced-dress would suit me. Amber thought.

Amber flipped when she saw her button-down shirt had black spots.

“What is this??” she shouted at her maid.

“It’s-uhm-uh-,” her maid stammered.

“It’s okay. I can fix this,” Amber said although she was sure to herself she couldn’t. What am I going to do? She asked herself. She didn’t like scolding people. Especially, if those people are personally hired by her parents.

Amber paced around her room, attempting to think of a resolution to her problem. Her room was huge. The curtains were indigo and turquoise. Her bed was a Queen Size four-poster with turquoise bedding. Her carpet was indigo. Her closets to one side were indigo and turquoise to another side. (The girl sure loves indigo and turquoise so much.) Her bedside table, her study table, they were all indigo and turquoise. But the biggest “attraction” was a huge portrait of herself.

“If only dad allows me to wear a dress,” muttered Amber. She hated the fact she had to wear a uniform. The FHS uniform can actually be worn in any way the students wanted just as long as they wear any of the following: for both boys and girls (1) a cobalt blue blazer with white-outlined collar and a stitched emblem of FHS on the left chest, (2) a silver long-sleeve or short-sleeve or sleeveless v-neck sweater, (3) white long-sleeve button-down shirt, (4) a chequered silver and cobalt blue necktie with the FHS emblem pinned on it,(5) a silver short-sleeve polo with the FHS emblem printed/stitched on the left chest, (6) a grey vest, and (7) a varsity cardigan/sweater/jacket/long-sleeve polo shirt/shirt. The boys need to wear flat front pants or pleated-pants, while the girls’ skirts are kick-pleated.

Amber wanted to wear clothes her own style. She prepared the uniform she would be wearing. Since her button-down shirt was a mess, she decided to wear a white blouse from her own wardrobe, a grey vest, and the cobalt blue blazer, the kick-pleated skirt, and her two-inch high sandals.

When she was done and ready, she left home immediately. She reached FHS with a lot of newbies gathering up in front of the school building. When she walked past them. the people gave way for her, and they looked at her in awe. Laura Westwick and Colton Jack Canes were standing in the front steps of the school building.

“Can’t you make them form a line?” Amber said, exasperated.

Colton Canes, a.k.a. Amber’s ex-boyfriend and now Student Council President, frowned at her.

“What do you think you’re wearing?” asked Colton.

Amber smiled. “It’s called fashion.”

“It’s called rule-breaking,” said Laura. She was obviously annoyed.

Colton raised a hand in front of Laura to silence her.

“Oh,” Amber said, “So are you two now dating? I figured you would. You’re leaders.”

Colton scowled. “Come with me.”

Amber smirked. But Laura glared at her as Colton grabbed her arm.

“Ouch!” Amber yelped.

“Will you just catch up?”

She nodded. In a few minutes, they were sitting inside the Student Council Office. Colton gave Amber a seat in front of his desk.

“Why aren’t you wearing the proper attire?” asked Colton. “Where did that blouse come from anyway?”

“Bought it in a branded store. It’s pretty isn’t it?”

“Please, Amber. You know the rules. You’re father himself set those rules. You can only wear the set of clothes presented in the handbook.”

“I can have exemption to these rules.”


“My dad owns this school.”

“Correction. He partly owns this school.”

“Whatever. My dad will listen to me. I will appeal with Andy. You know him, right?”

“Yes.” Colton frowned. His eyebrows met as if he remembered a bad memory.

“Right. Andy doesn’t like wearing the uniforms too. So I know he’ll help.”

“Okay. You may appeal to the Student Council only. But you will have to prepare your stand.”

“You mean like an essay?”

“Sort of. But until then when your appeal is approved, you will have to wear the proper uniform.” Colton took out a pen from a pocket inside his blazers, and a note from his drawer.

“Oh come on, Colton. Can’t you let this pass for now?”

“I don’t involve our history to my duties.”

Amber was about to speak when someone knocked on the door. Amber and Colton stared at each other for a second. Then, Colton reached for his microphone.

“Come in.”

Amber looked towards the door. She smiled, her best smile. It was a short stocky boy.

“Come have a seat,” Colton said, still looking at Amber.

“My father will want to hear what I say,” Amber said.

“Please, Amber. Just leave. I need to attend to other things, too.”

Amber huffed irritatingly. She knew Colton would really demand from her to follow the rules. “Fine.”

She stood up and walked out of the room. She shut the door, trying to control her temper.

No wonder we broke up. She thought. She walked straight ahead the elevators.

“I’m going to call Andy to help me. Just you wait, Colton Jack Canes! ARGH!” Amber grumbled.

Just as the elevator opened, a slim, fair girl with hooded tawny brown eyes, ebony hair, and turned-up nose appeared.

“Hi Gwen,” Amber greeted.

Gwen knitted her eyebrows as if in a surprise, “Hi Amber.”

Amber smiled, tilting her head, and then entering the elevator. She turned to see Gwen again and waved at her.


All Rights Reserved 2012


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