5 ~ GWEN

“Ms. Knight?” said a short quirky girl.

Gwen turned to see her and smiled. “Yes?”

“Coach Halliday says she wants to see you in her office. But then, she said she’ll be in the fifth floor TV room.”

Gwen nodded. She was in the Handball Team’s Locker Room (which was in the left-wing of the school building) placing the balls inside the trolleys. Gwen was in her second year as a field player. She wasn’t really expecting herself making it to the team. She made friends with an athlete last year who convinced her to join any sport. Her friend personally taught her handball, and eventually she fell in love with the sport, and possibly even to her friend.

She shook her head to forget about that. It’s just a crush. She thought. Just a crush. She and her friend is nothing more than just friends.

She exited the locker room just in time to see a lot of people already either going to their classes or finding them. She avoided the people hustling. Gwen walked quickly to the elevators since her classes were about to start. Gwen faced Elevator 1. Someone had used the elevator. The doors slid open and there was Laura Westwick, the Student Council Public Information Officer. She and Laura have had a bit of rough start for a friendship. Last year, Laura tried to talk to Gwen into running for the Student Council but Gwen wasn’t sure with holding a position in the Student Council. Not now, specially of what happened in her Year 6 back in Grade School. Laura might have grown a sort of resentment over Gwen.

Gwen smiled at Laura. The latter, in return, smiled but her smile was a bit too formal. Gwen made a little, “Oh” when Laura passed by her. She went inside the elevator thinking how awkward that was. She pushed button 5, and the doors closed. The elevator stopped. The doors opened and Gwen found Amber standing in front of her. Amber was in her same year. She was slim and has wavy ash-blond hair, amber eyes, rosy cheeks, and sun-kissed complexion. When Gwen first met Amber, she wondered if Amber’s rosy cheeks were natural or it was because of make-up. But after their year had a camping, she was sure those rosy cheeks were natural. She admired Amber’s beauty but always resented her attitude. They weren’t friends. They were merely acquaintances.

Amber said, “Hi.”

Gwen wasn’t sure where that greeting came from. She and Amber barely talk. “Hi Amber.”

Amber smiled and tilted her head. Gwen got out of the elevator, and turned around to stare at Amber. The latter waved her hand and said, “Bye.”

The elevator doors close. She continued walking to her right. She passed the huge Student Council Office, then the Music Room, and finally the TV Room. Before she knocked on the door, Xavier, her friend, was walking towards her.

“Hey!’ he said. Xavier was about four inches taller than Gwen. He had gorgeous electric blue eyes, his skin was slightly pink, his hair was short-cropped, wispy golden-blond, and his smile was breathtaking. Gwen shook the thought away.

We’re just friends. She thought.

“What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to go to your class now?” Xavier asked. He stopped beside her.

“Coach Halliday wants to see me,” Gwen said.

“Oh no. Are you doing clean-up?”

Gwen punched his arm. “Shut up! No.”

Xavier laughed. That smile. Gwen thought.

“Oh right, Amber just greeted me a while ago,” said Gwen.

“Did she, huh? ‘Must have been something she ate.”

“She actually smiled at me.”

Xavier chuckled.

“Well, anyway, I have two free periods this morning but we have practice already. So I’ll see you during lunch?”

Gwen smiled. “That’s nice. Sure. See you later.”

“Yeah, you too.”

And he left. Gwen turned towards the door. She found herself grinning. Gwen shook her head again.

Ugh. She thought.

She knocked twice and opened the door. Coach Halliday was sitting in a couch at the far end of the room. She was watching a drama. Coach Halliday was a skinny woman. She had strawberry-blond hair, sky blue eyes, and a crooked nose. She was wearing her usual jumpsuit attire. Coach Halliday rarely smiled but several teachers said she’s a really sly one. Those words never made sense to Gwen.

“You don’t need to seat. I just have to give you something. Come. I don’t like standing up when I’m watching a movie,” Coach Halliday said.

Gwen approached her. Coach Halliday took out a bracelet from her pocket, and showed it to Gwen. Gwen’s eyes widened. The bracelet was silver with the word, “CAPTAIN” carved on it. It was a token for the Handball Team Captain.

“You’re captain now,” said Coach Halliday.

“What?? But last year, you announced Julia will be captain,” said Gwen.

“She quit,” Coach Halliday mumbled, clearly very disappointed. She stared at the television. “You’re captain from now on. Now leave. I have to talk to someone.”

Gwen took the bracelet in her hands. She couldn’t say anything. She wasn’t expecting to be captain, specially since she’s only in Year 8. She turned around to leave when a boy, just as tall as she were, with short spiky dark blond hair, olive skin, and amber eyes appeared.

Gwen’s eyebrows crossed. She’s never seen this boy before. If he were a freshman, he’s tall for his age. The boy had a vacant expression. He completely ignored that Gwen was there, and just walked pass her. Gwen shook her head in disappointment. So she just left.

All Rights Reserved 2012


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