I Fractured My Tibial Plateau Six Months Ago

Let me take a break from the Teen Tales marathon.

Six months ago, that was April, I was in Baybay, Leyte for our school’s internship program. My classmates were watching Boys Over Flowers. (It’s a Korean drama.) And I couldn’t see the screen properly if I sat on the lower bunk of the double-deck. So I decided to climb up to the upper bunk. I suppose I’ve already mentioned that I saw my leg bones sort of disconnected while climbing up. And yes, I am telling the truth. It was really painful like even more painful when I have my migraines. That reminds me, I haven’t had a single migraine this year. Yey!

Back to the topic.

I really thought I wouldn’t be able to walk. Like seriously, it was just too painful. That day, I didn’t call my parents or anyone of my family members. I didn’t tell them about it because I know they will be saying stuff like how I should be independent or I’m such a weakling. Point is, I’m fed up with all those words. So I didn’t bother to call. I slept that night having a big trouble bending my knees or straightening my foot. The next day, I couldn’t take the pain anymore. I walked like I had a sprained ankle or something. Finally, I swallowed my pride and called my mother. I didn’t hear say anything about the weakling and independent stuff. She told me she will be coming to Baybay for me. She did. She massaged my knee somehow, and we both saw my knee had a little inflammation. My mother advised me to keep walking properly, fight the pain. Then, I heard it again. She told me my sister called me a weakling when she heard of this little accident. (It may be true somehow. I am physically weak but I am also emotionally weak at some point.)

My mother and I didn’t go to the infirmary (which the school I attended for the internship had). That was it. For six months, my left knee was always in pain. I thought it was completely the usual pain I get before that little accident. But then I realized it might have been due to that accident because whenever I had to run, walk, or even just stand for five seconds I couldn’t stand it. My left knee would instantly feel painful. Last, last week, we danced Samba for our PE. Right after our first session, my knees felt very painful. I went to the clinic and asked for something to relieve the pain. I was given a cold pack. I told the school nurse about everything that happened. She scolded me for not immediately going to a doctor. She even joked that she’s going to recommend for an amputation. HAHA. So she told me to go to an orthopedic. So I did two days after (because it was a Saturday). I had an X-ray. The orthopedic said I did had a fracture. But since it was six months ago, my bones just healed itself. The healing process is slow. He explained. He said if I had gone to a doctor the moment I had the accident, the fractured bone could have been cemented. I don’t even know what’s scarier. Having my knees cemented or my knees are healing slowly so I’m still fragile? He told me I should be thankful because the damage was not so severe. *Thanks a lot* He diagnosed me with neglected fracture, tibial plateau, left tibia, and prescribed me with some medicines. He also told me to be back after six weeks to see if my bones are any better.

Now, my classmates have heard about it. Those who were in the same school for the internship as me thought I got the fractured knee because of our river trekking. Now, that’s a different story.

For now, I’m just going to make fun of it. So I changed my Twitter username to @fracturedtibia. HAHA. I’ll be back as @iamhappybutsad right after my return to the hospital.

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