6 ~ THEO

The air felt cool. It was the calmest that Theo had ever felt. He should have been happy ever since…. He shook that thought away.

He closed his eyes as he slowly lied down on the  meadows at the school grounds, back of the school building. Theo wondered. He kept his mind cool. He kept his mind off of the drama that was happening in the country, in the state, at home, at school. It was as if he was trying to reach enlightenment. But it was different for Theo.

He raised his hand to look at his watch. It was almost time. Time to get back to the monotony of school. Jocks trying to make other people feel inferior because they are the “kings” of the school. The rich kids getting away out of their problems. The popular kids shoving other people aside when they walk in the hallway, literally. Theo hated it. He wished that some days would be just like that moment. It was nothing. Just nothing. Empty. Vacant. But strange.

Tweet. Tweet.

He reached for his pocket and got his phone. He slid the screen and tapped to answer the incoming call.

“Hello?” he said. Theo’s voice was calm like the usual. But it was softer this time. It had more serenity.

“Yes,” he answered. “I will. I’m going. Later? Sure. Okay. I’m coming.”

He breathed in exasperation. He got up looking up at that famous six-floored silver and cobalt blue building. He heard noises. He knew the students were already in the left-wing getting their class schedules. He got his the other day. He went to school with his aunt. Well, not his real aunt anyway. But she told Theo to call her his aunt.

He walked straight ahead to the school building. Gladly, there weren’t students yet in the mid-wing. He walked to his left and bumped into Amber Corbitt, the daughter of Dr. Corbitt – the co-founder of FHS.

“Ooh,” she said. Theo backed and tried to walk pass her but instead she pulls him back.

“Hey,” she said. Amber was beautiful but beautiful had always made Theo feel indifferent. Beautiful people like Amber Corbitt.

“I’m going to ask you one question. Do you like our school uniforms? Please say you don’t ’cause I have a preposition ~”

“I don’t care,” Theo simply said.

Amber looked taken aback. “Excuse me?”

Theo looker her in the eye. “I said, I don’t care.”

And he walked off. He couldn’t stand people like Amber Corbitt. Just as he was near the elevators, a tall golden-blonde boy with electric blue eyes whom Theo recognized as Xavier Rutter walked out of the elevator. Theo was in the same class as Xavier last year but they never talked. Theo always saw the latter walking around with his football teammates. Theo didn’t like jocks but Xavier seemed to have an exception. Xavier forced a smile to greet him. Theo didn’t do anything. The former immediately left.

He got in the elevator forgetting about Amber and Xavier. The elevator music was soothing. The doors opened after a couple of moments. He ignored the music coming from the Student Council Office. He stopped in front of the TV room. He heard voices, two people having a conversation. He completely ignored it and walked right inside. Gwen Knight, the new Handball Team Captain as his aunt told him, was staring at him. He and Gwen sat in the same class for History but like Xavier, they never talked. Theo ignored her and just walked pass her. He turned his head to see if Gwen left. She did. He then turned to look at his aunt, Coach Halliday.

“Where have you been?” Coach Halliday asked.

“Lying down in the grass,” Theo replied.

“How are you doing, Theo?”


“Don’t give me that answer.”

Theo did not reply. He sat on the couch near the television. “What show is this?”

“Answer my question. I’ll answer yours.”

“Fine. Then, I’m leaving.” Theo got up but Coach Halliday blocked his path.

“Do I have to really answer your question. Isn’t it obvious?” Theo mumbled.

“I want to hear it personally from you,” Coach Halliday said.

Theo sat back on the couch.

“You have two free periods today, don’t you? Let’s watch a movie. It’s called ‘Nobody Knows’.”

“What’s it all about?” asked Theo.

“You,” said Coach Halliday.

Theo turned and glared at Coach Halliday. “I have other things to do.”

“Like what?”

“I’m signing up for clubs.”

“Finally. What clubs?”

“I don’t know. Maybe some club with students just like me.” He stared sarcastically at Coach Halliday. “Oh, wait. I’m the only one.”

“Theo,” said Coach Halliday. “I know it’s been difficult ~”

“You don’t know how it feels.”

“If you just open up ~”

“When are you going to get it that I don’t want to speak up?” Theo said.

Coach Halliday frowned. “My sister and I are here to help you. Why can’t you ~”

“You’ve helped enough.” He got up. “Just give me a copy of this. Take it back home. I’m going to watch it in my laptop. Alone.”

He left. He kept his head down going back to the elevators. The calmness was gone. Memories flooding back to him. Bad memories. His hands were wrapped in a fist. He got out of the elevator and immediately bumped into someone. He looked up. It was a tall guy with shaggy brown hair, dark eyes, and olive skin. He was wearing a varsity jacket and Theo knew he was a jock. He’d seen him before but couldn’t remember his name. Theo looked at him disdainfully.

“Sorry?” said the guy. Theo scowled and he stormed off.

All Rights Reserved 2012


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