7 ~ DAVE

Dave Ellis piled five timer-controlled horns in every corner of the locker room. He  placed a tray full of plaster just outside the door. He jumped over the tray to get inside the locker room and quickly tied a string to a pillar in his left and right. He carefully jumped over back to other side again. He put two tiny timer-nutcracker toys on the either side of the tray. He twisted the timer three times. He grinned to himself.

That should do it. He thought.

He exited the locker rooms just in time for the school’s rugby team to get in. Dave smiled playfully while the rugby players thought he was weird. He waited just outside. He peeked. The rugby players were in front of the door when they noticed the tray. One player jumped over the tray. He didn’t see the string and so tripped over inside the locker room. Another player jumped inside but carefully not tripping over due to the string. Several others followed. Dave could hear tic-toc. He knew his timer nutcrackers were working. Then, it was a loud boom! The rugby team’s locker room was filled with the noise of the horns. They all fell backwards in shock, landing on the tray of plaster.

“Where was that dude?” one grunted.

Dave ran quickly out of the place. He found himself panting in the mid-wing hallways. He continued running until he had reached the elevators. Just as he was about to turn right, a blond guy bumped into him. It was the nephew of Coach Halliday. He couldn’t remember his name.

“Sorry?” he asked. The guy scowled and stormed off.

Dave’s eyebrows crossed. He just continued on and went inside a classroom.

“Mr. Ellis,” said his Drama teacher, Mr. Hardwell. “I see you’ve cared to join us.”

Dave smiled. “I love your subject, Sir. How could I miss it?”

Mr. Hardwell scowled. “Don’t even, Mr. Ellis. You failed my subject last term.”

“I know sir. But that was because Coach Simmons wanted us playing 24/7.”

“Well Mr. Ellis, maybe you should find time for my subject. Simmons will not be keeping you in his team if you fail my subject again.”

Dave frowned. Mr. Hardwell looked back to the rest of the class.

“For today, we shall explore the word, ‘LOVE’. I have already called out who you will be partnering. Mr. Ellis, your partners with Ms. Westwick.” He glanced at Dave. “Go on. Sit with your partners.”

Dave reluctantly sat beside Laura Westwick. He and Laura weren’t exactly in good terms. Last year, he played a prank on the Student Council by placing “fart” balloons. There weren’t exactly filled with farts. They smelled like farts. Somehow, Dave managed to buy such things.

Laura scowled at him. Dave raised an eyebrow.

“What?” he asked.

“You’re late. You pulled a prank on somebody have you?”

Dave chuckled. “What makes you say that?”

“You’re grinning like a fool. Yes. You did pull a prank. But on who?”

He smirked. “I can’t tell you that.”

“So you do admit pulling a prank on someone.”

“Are we talking about me?”

Laura shook her head disappointingly. “I’ll find out.”

“Of course you will. ‘Cause then, we aren’t talking about you, are we?”

Laura glared at him. Dave smiled.

“Now, you shall talk to your partners what they love the most. You shall write it on paper. Then brainstorm how you guys are going to show that love it saying the only the word love. Remember I should be able to tell how much you love the thing or possibly someone,” Mr. Hardwell explained.

“Oh that’s easy. You love pranks,” mumbled Laura.

“No need to tell me yours either. You love to buzz kill.”

Laura gave him an angry expression.

Dave shook his head in happiness. “I love this.”

“You’re unbelievable.”

“I know.”

Laura hit his arm with a book. “I’d love to see you down one day.”

Dave laughed. “I love to see you try.”

Mr. Hardwell looked over them. “Very good, Mr. Ellis and Ms. Westwick but try it saying only love.”

Dave smirked and looked Laura in the eye. “Love.”

Laura glared. “Love.”

“There! Fantastic!” Mr. Hardwell exclaimed.

All Rights Reserved 2012


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