Laura was glad her job was over. First days were always cruel to her ever since she ran for the Student Council. She had been in position for three years in a row. But she wanted to be in position so much. She knew and felt she could do a lot for the Student Council. Plus, this year’s president, Colton Jack Canes, was her cousin, and Amber Corbitt thought they were dating.

Silly. Laura thought.

Colton had convinced her to run for a higher position for this year’s election.

“Run for Secretary or Vice-President. They’ll vote for you. I’m sure of that,” Colton told her before.

She was still to think of that. Perhaps…

She went to her first class – Drama. Mr. Hardwell was still their teacher. Laura was never fond of Mr. Hardwell. He kind of reminded her of her father. Several other students were getting inside the classroom. It was a huge classroom with a stage in front. Peach vinyl curtains hang over the stage and on the windows. Instead of wooden armchairs, they had monobloc chairs and sofas. There were streamers and pictures of famous and not (so) famous poets. The place was actually cozy. She sat on a sofa chair next to the bulletin board.

“All right. Settle down, please, settle down,” said Mr. Hardwell.

Everyone was finally seated and quiet.

“We will have a paired activity,” he explained. Everyone started grabbing each other.

“No,” Mr. Hardwell said. “I’ve chosen your partners for you.”

The students let out a sigh. Even Laura. She saw Britt Warwick – the brunette Year 9 Representative. Then she saw Andy Dorough. He was the eldest son of one of the co-owners of FHS. He was a tall auburn-haired, steel gray-eyed, and fair-skinned guy. His demeanor spoke for himself as a rich kid. Then, there was Sigmund Kauffmann, also a tall guy with short quiff ash-blond hair, ice blue eyes, and pale skin. He was in the football team but never walked around with his teammates. Laura would have wanted to partner with Britt. But her dread of partnering with Andy or Sigmund was not even close to worse when she heard that she was partners with Dave Ellis.

Dave Ellis, that insufferable, prank-pulling jerk. But he wasn’t in the room. She started to breathe happily but she expected too soon. Dave Ellis came in.

“Mr. Ellis,” said Mr. Hardwell. “I see you’ve cared to join us.”

Dave smiled. “I love your subject, Sir. How could I miss it?”

Mr. Hardwell scowled. “Don’t even, Mr. Ellis. You failed my subject last term.”

Drama was an easy subject but Dave had some sort of stupidity with it. Laura couldn’t believe he failed it.

“I know sir. But that was because Coach Simmons wanted us playing 24/7.”

“Well Mr. Ellis, maybe you should find time for my subject. Simmons will not be keeping you in his team if you fail my subject again.”

Dave frowned. Mr. Hardwell looked back to the rest of the class.

“For today, we shall explore the word, ‘LOVE’. I have already called out who you will be partnering. Mr. Ellis, your partners with Ms. Westwick.” He glanced at Dave. “Go on. Sit with your partners.”

Laura turned to grimaced. He did not like Dave especially right after he pulled on a prank on the Student Council. Moreover, he got away with it because of Coach Simmons. Laura scowled at him. Dave raised an eyebrow.

“What?” he asked.

“You’re late. You pulled a prank on somebody have you?”

Dave chuckled. “What makes you say that?”

“You’re grinning like a fool. Yes. You did pull a prank. But on who?”

He smirked. “I can’t tell you that.”

“So you do admit pulling a prank on someone.”

“Are we talking about me?”

Laura shook her head disappointingly. “I’ll find out.”

“Of course you will. ‘Cause then, we aren’t talking about you, are we?”

Laura glared at him. Dave smiled.

“Now, you shall talk to your partners what they love the most. You shall write it on paper. Then brainstorm how you guys are going to show that love it saying the only the word love. Remember I should be able to tell how much you love the thing or possibly someone,” Mr. Hardwell explained.

“Oh that’s easy. You love pranks,” mumbled Laura.

“No need to tell me yours either. You love to buzz kill.”

Laura gave him an angry expression.

Dave shook his head in happiness. “I love this.”

“You’re unbelievable.”

“I know.”

Laura hit his arm with a book she got from her bag. “I’d love to see you down one day.”

Dave laughed. “I’d love to see you try.”

Mr. Hardwell looked over them. “Very good, Mr. Ellis and Ms. Westwick but try it saying only love.”

Dave smirked and looked Laura in the eye. “Love.”

Laura glared. “Love.”

“There! Fantastic!” Mr. Hardwell exclaimed.

Laura was glad it was over. Good thing her Drama class today was only for one period. She and Dave received the highest mark. But that was just because they did not like each other. She went to the school grounds of the back of the building. Laura didn’t have many friends to hang out with. It seemed like everyone was either afraid of her or angry at her because she was really outspoken. She didn’t care. The only friends she had were the officers in the Student Council.

She went to a bench near the path to the cafeteria. She opened her bag and took out a book. It was her free period. She was in the middle of the page when Britt Warwick approached her.

“Hi Laura,” she said.

“Hi,” Laura replied.

“Colton says he wants  you in the office.”

Laura nodded. She put her book back and immediately left. When she had arrived at the office, a brunette Asian girl with velvety dark eyes, and pale skin was standing and shaking Colton’s hands. The Asian girl was lean. She had a great posture. She looked like a model.

“Oh, here she is,” said Colton.

Laura came in and nodded at the Asian girl.

“Laura this is Megan Cheng. Megan meet Laura Westwick. She’ll show you around.” Colton then turned to Laura. “Is that okay?”

Laura smiled. “Sure.”

Megan approached her and together they went out of the office.

All Rights Reserved 2012


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