10 ~ TJ

TJ was already inside the building. He was looking at trophy cases. He was looking particularly at the trophies won by the FHS sports teams. Beside the trophies were pictures of the MVPs. TJ squinted his eyes to look up close to one photo. Shortly, he backed when he saw a photo of a muscular guy with honey-blond hair. TJ’s heart race. He immediately went through his pockets to look for his inhaler. He pressed the inhaler to his lips.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked to no one particular.

He walked away to get to the sixth floor. He was getting his schedule since he was late. He had to see a doctor this morning because he had another attack. He should have been a little more careful.

Next time, I’m not talking to them early in the morning. He thought.

He got inside the elevator. He pressed the button 6. The elevator music made TJ’s heart sank. It made him nostalgic.  He wished the elevator music would stop. Fortunately, the elevator itself stopped. He got out quickly. TJ knew the place. He wasn’t a foreigner here. He’s been to FHS once. That one time his brother showed him around. That was years ago but TJ still remembered.

He went in to the Administration Office. He took a seat in front of the secretary’s desk. The secretary wasn’t there. He kept shaking his leg while waiting for the secretary. She finally arrived. She was a stout woman with gray hair and cold dark eyes. She was wearing round antique spectacles that made her look older.

“Why you there? Haven’t you gotten your schedule and locker number yet?” asked the secretary.

TJ approached her and saw her name was Mrs. Ana Spy through her pinned name tag. TJ suppressed a smile.

What kind of last name is Spy? He thought.

“Name?” asked Mrs. Spy.

“Um,” TJ said nervously. “TJ. TJ.”

Mrs. Spy laughed and leaned towards TJ. “Now, TJ. I won’t be able to find your schedule if you don’t tell me your name.”

TJ swallowed. He took a deep breath. This woman made him uncomfortable. Mrs. Spy leaned back. TJ took out his inhaler again.

“I-It’s Theodore James,” TJ stammered.

Mrs. Spy gave a toothy grin. She went over to her computer and started typing. “Since it seems like you don’t want to tell your last name, TJ. I bet we can guess that you’re Theodore James Jaffray, right?”

He gulped. “Y-Yes.”

Mrs. Spy clicked on a key. “Don’t be afraid, TJ. I see you’re British.”

“How’d you know?” asked TJ.

“Your accent.  From which part of UK are you? Scotland? Well, anyway, here.”

She gave a paper to him. “That is your schedule.” Then, she handed another paper. A small parchment paper.

“Now, that is your locker number. While this one,” she handed another parchment, “is your homeroom and your homeroom adviser. You’ll find him easily. He’s usually in the gym locker rooms of the football team. But I suggest you go to the football field first. You explain to him why you were late.”

TJ nodded and left. TJ decided he’d see his supposedly teacher for his first period. It was someone called Mr. Davies. It was Chemistry. He knew where that was. He pushed the elevator button 5. He got off and as he turned left he saw two girls. They stared at each other for at least a second when finally the Aussie girl asked, “Hello are you new?”

TJ avoided eye contact. “Yes.”

“Do you need any help? Are you lost?”

“No. I think I can manage.” It was true so he left. He looked for Chemistry Lab 5-02. It was in the far-end of the hallway. TJ took peek on the room. There were only a few students. TJ glanced at his watch but it was just past ten minutes for his Chemistry period.

Mr. Davies exited the room with his things.

“Excuse me Sir,” said TJ. Mr. Davies turned around.

“You’re absent for Chemistry,” said Mr. Davies.

“But it’s been only ten minutes.”

“And in ten minutes I announced lab partners and activities for next meeting.” He left.

TJ scowled. How could he be this cold?

He decided he’d go see his homeroom adviser, though he doubt a football coach would be able to help him with his issue with Mr. Davies. He reached the football field using a shortcut his brother told him before. There was a stairway at a corner of the fifth floor that lead immediately to the left-wing of the building. His brother didn’t tell him why the stairway was even there. He hastened his steps although he shouldn’t. He was behind the bleachers already. He saw somebody playing in the football field. Well, the golden-blond dude was only doing a headbutt. He was an official player for sure. TJ approached him. He stood outside the field. He didn’t want his black shoes getting dirt.

“Hey!” he exclaimed. The guy caught the ball on his palms. He faced TJ, flipping his bangs.

The guy smiled and paced towards TJ. “Yeah?”

“Do you know where Coach Simmons is?”

The dude smiled. TJ realised that he had electric blue eyes. “Yeah. He’s in the football team’s locker room.”

TJ nodded. “Thanks.”

He started to leave.

“Wait,” the guy called out.

TJ turned his head.

“Do I know you?” he asked.

TJ’s eyes widened. He swallowed. “No.”

He strided quickly, avoiding another conversation with the golden-blond dude.

All Rights Reserved 2012


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