“We’re running late, are we?” asked Megan.

“We’ll be there in a minute,” said Romney, her manager. He was a lean, muscular man in his 30s, with sandy silver hair and tawny brown eyes. He was a dear friend of his parents.

They were still stuck on the highway. Drivers were yelling at each other. Finally, the heavy traffic broke away. Romney sped up. In two minutes, they arrived in Fahrenheit High School. Romney got out and opened the car for Megan. Megan got out while looking at  the school building.

“Great choice of school. Seems like you’ll be well ‘confined’ in here,” said Romney.

“It wasn’t my choice,” muttered Megan.

“Would you like me to come with you?” said Romney.

“No,” said Megan. Her eyes widened as if outraged by the suggestion. “I’ll attract attention. Remember, I’m keeping a low profile.”

“Not a low profile to the management and administration here.”

“Whatever.” Megan shook her head. She walked off towards the school building. A tall, lean guy with stiff auburn hair and green eyes was standing on the front steps.

“I was expecting you’d be early,” he said, though smiling.

“Sorry,” Megan said, while climbing up to the front steps.

“Had a bit of a traffic?”

“Not just a bit.”

“Colton Jack Canes, Student Council President. But please, feel free, calling me Colton.”

“Megan Cheng.”


Colton showed her the lobby and hallway. Just that, then they went directly to the Student Council Office. She sat on the chair in front of his desk.

Megan put a folder on his desk. “These are my forms. Please, I need to keep low profile.”

Colton took it and scanned through her forms. “Hmmm. Really?”

He exclaimed unbelievably as he examined Megan’s forms. Megan gasped.

“Sorry,” said Colton, smiling shyly.

A wavy-haired brunette with olive skin and dark brown eyes entered the room.

“I’m sorry. I was getting some of my books I left,” the girl said.

“Do you have a free period, Britt?” asked Colton.

“No. My free period’s later, after lunch but it’s been taken by the assembly.”

“Right. Um, can you call Laura to come and see me?”

“Sure.” Britt nodded, took her things and then left.

“No one can know,” said Megan after Britt left. She seemed to have panicked.

“All right. Just chill. No one can know but you’ll need someone who can keep you in check that no one will discover who you are.”

“What? Why?”

“Some students here like to pull on pranks, sometimes when they do so they stumble on things that they shouldn’t be stumbling through.” Colton grimaced as if he thought of something terrible.

“Okay. So you’ll be checking on that, right?”

“No,” said Colton. Megan frowned.

“But Laura, our Public Information Officer, is a sly one. She’s the best to do the job.”

“Is she even trustworthy?” asked Megan.

“I  guarantee you she is. You can tell her your secret. I’m sure she won’t let a single information slip through her mouth.”

Megan took a deep breath as if in reassurance. It was somehow reassuring that this Laura girl is trustworthy when it came from Colton Canes. She trusted the guy. She grabbed her folder and clasped her folder.

Colton smiled. “Well, have fun in FHS, Ms. Megan Cheng.”

They shook hands. The door opened and there was a girl with chestnut-brown hair, hazel eyes, and ruddy skin.

“Oh, here she is,” said Colton.

Laura came in and nodded at Megan.

“Laura this is Megan Cheng. Megan meet Laura Westwick. She’ll show you around.” Colton then turned to Laura. “Is that okay?”

Laura smiled. “Sure.”

Megan approached her and together they went out of the office. They walked around the 5th floor in silence. There were laboratories. Megan counted five chemistry laboratories.

“Why do you have five chemistry labs?” asked Megan.

“Sometimes there are four years holding chemistry classes at the same time,” said Laura.

She was kind. Megan could tell. She observed the halls. There were a lot of dragon posters with,” Let’s Go Dragons!” or “Welcome Back Dragons!” or “We will win ASSFL this year! Right, Dragons?”. These students sure knew how to support their school.

“ASSFL?” asked Megan.

Laura smiled. “ASSFL means Australian Secondary Schools Football League. The school’s varsity team got to the finals again after four years when Thomas Jaffray left. He was then the star striker of the team.”

“The school didn’t win last year?”


Megan nodded. That Thomas Jaffray dude must have really boost up the team’s confidence.

They were done looking around the 5th floor in just fifteen minutes.

“So Megan, why did you transfer to FHS?” asked Laura.

Megan stopped. She looked flush.

“I’m sorry. Did I say something offensive?” said Laura.

Megan looked at her in the eye. “Colton said I could trust you.”

Laura knitted her eyebrows. “Uh yeah?”

Megan stood next to her and leaned over to ears. She whispered. Laura’s eyes widened. After Megan had told her, Laura looked incredulously at Megan.

“Really?” she said.

“Shush. Please no one can know. That’s why I came here.”

Laura smiled. “You can trust me.”

Megan grinned. “Thanks.”

“Come on. Let’s get your schedule first. I’ll explain things to Mrs. Brown.”

When they turned to walk towards the elevators, a tall pale guy with honey-blond hair and grass-green eyes. He had messy wavy bangs. His hair seemed thick.

“Hello. Are you new?” asked Laura.

The boy avoided eye contact. “Yes.”

“Do you need any help? Are you lost?”

“No. I think I can manage,” he answered. Then the boy left.

Megan and Laura looked at each other.

“Did that boy seem nervous?” asked Megan.

“Yeah, he is. Did you notice his accent?” said Laura.

“Yeah, he sounds like you.”

“No. He sounds British.”

Megan wasn’t sure how different were British and Australian accents or how Laura was able to say the boy was British. But she and Laura just ignored it and went to the sixth floor.

All Rights Reserved 2012


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