12 ~ BRITT

Britt was glad to have a class with her friends, Tyrone and Robin. They had Chemistry together. Luckily, Professor Myers made them choose their own groups of three.

She rapidly pulled Tyrone and Robin to her side.

“Jeez Britt, no need to haste so much,” said Robin. They sat at the third work table from the teacher’s table. It was nearest to the window which Britt knew Tyrone would like. Her dark-haired, amber-eyed, shy friend liked to sit near the window in class.

“All right, please. This is already your third year and you still can’t group without making any noise!” snarled Professor Myers.

Professor Myers was a lady in her 20s but she seemed older than she looks like. Her hair was ebony black but with gray streaks. Her eyes were deep brown, and her skin was pinkish. Her face however, was full of freckles. She wore a formal blouse underneath an office blazer and its matching skirt. A teacher once said that Professor Myers had to wear such to live up to her reputation as a  Chemist.

“But Professor, we need to communicate in order for us to group, right?” exclaimed Dave Ellis. Everyone laughed but then Professor Myers glared at the class. Dave slid down his seat.

Professor Myers looked back at the paper she was holding. Britt looked around. Everyone had already formed groups of three but one.

“Mr. Kauffmann, can’t you find one single person to partner up with you?” Professor Myers said.

Sigmund Kauffmann was a football player. But he didn’t go with the football team captain’s posse. He was the odd man out. He was tall with dark blonde hair, and crystal blue eyes. One distinct feature on his face was that little cut on his right eyebrow.

“Don’t you have a practice today?” asked Professor Myers.

“Not in my schedule,” he said. Sigmund had a deep voice which Britt thinks just complemented the way he looked. He looked like a bad guy which just justifies the bad boy reputation he had.

“Okay, who lacks one member?” Professor Myers looked around but everyone had already complete groups. “Who wants to take Mr. Kauffmann in their group? And please, don’t ask for extra credit, Mr. Haynes.”

No one raised their hands. Britt, Robin, and Tyrone looked at each other. Tyrone shook his head so eagerly. Britt knew why. He was scared of the guy. But Britt raised his hand. Tyrone’s eyes widened that he tried to put Britt’s arm down.

“Please don’t,” said Tyrone.

Britt shove him a little. She looked at Robin for his approval and he smiled.

“It’s nice to help people once in a while,” said Robin.

“Ah there,” said Professor Myers. “Ms. Warwick wants you in her group, Mr. Kauffmann. Please grab a seat and proceed to her group.”

Sigmund grabbed his bag and a chair and sat next to Tyrone, who was sitting on the far end of the work table. Tyrone grabbed Britt’s hands.

“Can we switch?” he asked.

Sigmund looked at Tyrone. But it wasn’t a frightening stare for Britt. It was a sad look. She wondered what was going on in his mind?

“I’m not going to hurt you,” Sigmund said.

Britt managed a smile. “Please stay in your seat, Tyrone.”

Robin pushed Tyrone down on his seat.

“I’m not going to have a lecture today since it’s just the start of classes. I’m going to give you your worksheets for the next meeting so you could prepare for it. Here.” Professor Myers walked around distributing the papers. Sigmund took one for their group and gave it to Britt.

“Thanks,” she said. Sigmund nodded and went back staring at the table.

“That would be all. See you this Thursday,” Professor Myers said. Everyone rushed out of the room not even waiting for the teacher to leave first. Britt tried to bade him goodbye. Dave gestured for Sigmund to come, and so the latter followed.

Britt, Robin, and Tyrone headed to the elevators. Their lockers were in the ground floor. They strolled around since there was hardly anyone in the left-wing. They discussed what to do with the chemistry activity and about Sigmund Kauffmann being part of their group.

don’t like him. I’m scared of him. I’m scared of people like him!” exclaimed Tyrone.

“Please, Tyrone just give it a rest,” said Robin.

“Didn’t you see he was sad when he was left out?” added Britt.

“So? Dave Ellis was there. They’re both in the football team. Why can’t Dave take him in his group? Why does it have to be us?” grumbled Tyrone.

“Because we’re nice people. Dave is selfish. He only thinks of playing jokes on us,” Robin answered.

Just as they were about to turn, they bumped into a grinning Xavier Rutter – the school’s heartthrob and best striker since Thomas Jaffray.

“Sorry,” he said, yet he didn’t look like he was. He was still smiling. He walked away.

Britt, Robin, and Tyrone looked at each other.

“Well,” said Tyrone, “that wasn’t something you see everyday.”

Robin and Britt laughed.

“All right,” said Robin after laughing. “Let’s go put our other stuff and I’ll see you later in the cafeteria.”

Britt and Tyrone nodded. The three friends separated as they went through each of their lockers. Britt went straight ahead from where they left off. She opened her locker and put inside the worksheet and some of her books. She took a few books and place them inside her bag. She was just finishing when someone was talking loudly on the hallway.

“Yes, mom. I know. I got it. Please, I have to go. I’m late for my next class. Okay. Yes, mom,” the boy sounded irritated. It was a tall, skinny guy with untidy dark hair, and dark brown eyes.  He was on the phone but Britt couldn’t find any reason he had to talk loudly. She approached him.

“Um, excuse me? I know you’re new here but I guess it’s common behavior not to talk loudly in the hallways especially if classes are going on,” she said, smiling and then left.

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