13 ~ KEN

Ken was unloading some of his books to his locker. His day had just began but he wasn’t liking it already. He was alone during the first period. His only friend (literally, his only friend), Jane, was in a different class. The second period was a lot worse. They were tasked to group for an activity next week for Drama. He was left alone and so their teacher inserted him to a group.

This sucks. He thought.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

He reached for his phone inside the pocket of his blazer. It was his mom. He closed his locker and hang his bag on his shoulders. He walked to his next class.

“Yes, mom. I know. I got it. Please, I have to go. I’m late for my next class. Okay. Yes, mom,” Ken said. He hung up because  he was annoyed. His mom would always call him in school to remind him about the food she packed for him. It’s always been like that ever since Year 3.

“Um, excuse me?.” Ken stopped and stared at Britt Warwick.

“I know you’re new here but I guess it’s common behavior not to talk loudly in the hallways especially if classes are going on,” she continued. She left.

Ken scowled. New?

He walked to his class still looking and feeling baffled. His next class was Math, and luckily Jane was also there. Jane was about five inches taller. She was a brunette with hazel eyes and pale skin. He sat immediately next to her.

“Hey,” he said.

“Hey. Where have you been?” asked Jane. “You’re lucky Professor Hayes isn’t here yet. You’re twenty minutes late.”

“Struggling with my books. That’s where I have been.” said Ken.

“Didn’t your mom gave you a bigger bag?”

“No,” Ken said defensively. His mom bought him a bigger bag. A trolley bag was what she bought for him.

“Hey,” he continued. “Do you  know Britt Warwick?”

“Yeah. Isn’t she the Year 9 representative?”

“Yes. She talked to me just a while ago.”

“Really? How did it go?”

Ken opened his mouth to answer but Professor Hayes finally arrived. He was a tall man in his 30s. He had bouncy jet black hair, and sea green eyes. He wore round glasses that a few students made fun of.

“Sorry for being late, class,” he said. “The Dean wanted to talk to me about some matters. Well anyway, we shall have a discussion today. But before that, I’m giving you a diagnostic test.”

The students sighed. Professor Hayes went to his bag and started taking out papers.

Ken tapped Jane on the shoulder. “She talked to me. She said I was new.”

“So?” Jane said, not looking at Ken.

“So,” Ken said, exasperatingly. “She thought I’m new. I’ve been in this school for two years already!”

“Well duh,” mumbled Jane. “Didn’t you get the memo? We’re part of the ‘unpopular’ team. People like Britt – people in power – don’t know us. Specifically, both of us.”

“Oh come on,” Ken said. “Xavier Rutter was an instant celebrity the moment he walked in the halls of this school.”

“That’s easy because a handsome guy like him aren’t difficult to ignore,” said Jane. “Maybe if you were a little good-looking.”

“Are you saying I’m ugly?”

“No. I’m saying, if you were a little good-looking.”

“Well, what about Logan Fabracanté?”

“He’s in the same league as Xavier. Handsome guys flock together. Plus, he’s athletic.”

“Okay. Umm..What about Sebastian Grey? He’s not handsome. He’s not athletic. But he’s a celebrity here.”

“But Sebastian Grey was expelled from school for posing naked during bonfires.”

“Oh.” Ken looked at his desk in embarrassment. Then, he had an idea.

“I need to pull a stunt,” he said.

“A stunt? Please don’t attempt doing a naked run again like last year.”

Ken turned red. Last year, during the finals of the football championship, he attempted to do a naked run as his last desperate attempt to get famous. But Sebastian Grey stole the scene. He was arrested for walking naked in the metropolitan. Ken didn’t want that to happen to him.

“No. Not that kind of stunt. Something that will catch the eye of everyone.” He said dreamily.

“And you are catching my eye.” Ken looked up. It was Professor Hayes.

“Names?” he said. He looked from Ken to Jane.

“Umm,” Jane stammered.

“But Professor, you’ve been our teacher for two years already,” said Ken.

“No,” said Professor Hayes. “I haven’t seen you two before in my classes.”

Ken’s shoulders drooped as if in disappointment that even a teacher didn’t know him.

“Show me your IDs,” Professor Hayes said. He grabbed their IDs.

“Kennedy Rocque and Janet Eastman. Go to the Dean’s Office.” He said, tilting his head to the direction of the door.

Ken and Jane took their bags reluctantly. But they still left.

“Well done, fame whore,” Jane grumbled.

“Fame whore? Where did that even come from? I thought whores are supposed to be women,” Ken said.

Jane hit his shoulder with her bag. “That’s so sexist!”

“Sorry,” he said.

They arrived at the Administration Office. They stopped by at Ms. Spy’s desk.

“The Dean is still talking to someone,” Ms. Spy said.

Ken and Jane nodded. They sat on the couch right outside the Dean’s Office.

“Next time,” Jane said. “Let’s talk about your fame whoring outside class, okay?”

“There is it again. Fame whoring? Where did you get that?” Ken exclaimed.

She ignored him. Then a blonde girl with blue highlights, brown eyes, and pale skin came out of the office.

“Well, at least there’s someone else we don’t know,” said Ken, smiling to himself.

“Just because we don’t know her, doesn’t mean she’s in the same unpopularity as we are,” Jane said.

He and Jane stood up. Ken looked back to that girl. Jane was right. Not everyone he didn’t know was in his league.

All Rights Reserved 2012


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