She got thrown out of class for the first period and second period. Victoria’s first period was Biology. Her professor was asking her a question but instead, Victoria answered him with a shake of the head and, “Why don’t you ask your mother? She brought life to you, didn’t she?”

So it was that she was sent to the Dean’s Office. Her second period was History. Her teacher asked her a question again. But this time Victoria threw her packed lunch at her teacher. So it was her second time that day in the office.

“Not again, Ms. Robins?” murmured Ms. Spy, the Dean’s secretary.

Victoria smirked.

“Go inside,” mumbled Ms. Spy.

Victoria opened the door to the Dean’s Office. The Dean’s Office gave a feeling of the ocean. The walls looked ocean blue transparent. The ceiling and floor were sandy white. Plus, the sound of the indoor waterfall made the atmosphere feel serene. Dean Elowyn Edevane was an elegant woman in her 20s. She was one of the youngest in the faculty and administration but it was said that her brilliance brought her the position as Dean. Dean Edevane was tall with curly strawberry-blonde hair, steel-blue eyes, and pinkish skin.

“Sit down, Ms. Robins,” said Dean Edevane.

Victoria sat in front of the desk. She started shaking her leg as if she had been waiting for a long time.

“Quite a record we’ve got here, do we Victoria?” said Dean Edevane, half smiling. “Two periods in a row.”

Victoria raised an eyebrow. Dean Edevane continued to smile.

“So why are you doing this, Victoria?”

“Doing what?”

“You being sent to my office because of your mishaps in class.”

“The teachers are the ones sending me to your office.”

Dean Edevane beamed at Victoria. Victoria felt the Dean was unto something. But she didn’t know what. Nobody knew what was going on inside her head.

“Have you talked with Mrs. Fernsby? Do you know who she is?”

“The other Guidance Counselor,” Victoria replied.

Dean Edevane nodded. She took out a pen from her tree trunk-pen holder. She grabbed a note and scribbled.

“I would like you to see Mrs. Fernsby during your lunch break, okay?” She gave the note to Victoria.

Victoria looked at the note disgustingly. She crumpled the note and threw it at the ground. “I don’t care what others tell about how scary you are. But I’m not taking orders from you!”

The look on Dean Edevane’s eyes changed. From a beam it turned into something that crossed between a glare and a beam. Victoria did not like how she looked at her. But she wasn’t giving in, not after last time…..

Victoria stood up. She glared at the Dean but she wouldn’t react. It irritated Victoria.

“What do you want from me?”

Dean Edevane smiled. A crooked smile. “And we’re there, aren’t we? I want you to talk to Mrs. Fernsby about…everything.”

Victoria didn’t like everything. She never did. Everything was what she wast trying to evade. But how could Dean Edevane knew about it. It wasn’t like she write her life story in her application to enter Fahrenheit High School.

Victoria scowled. “Fine.”

The Dean smiled. “Wonderful. Remember Mrs. Fernsby is keeping me on track on which students are going in to see her. And oh, if you’re sent for my office again, it will be detention already with Coach Halliday.”

Victoria took a deep breath and she left. She ignored everyone staring at her in the Administration Office.

I hate you. I hate you. She thought. But she wasn’t thinking about Dean Edevane. She was thinking of home. But it’s not home.  It never has.

She proceeded to her next class – Drama. She was a little late for class.

“Ms. Robins late again, are we? Or you just fancy hanging out in the Dean’s Office,” said Mr. Hardwell.

“I was just there,” Victoria mumbled.

“So? You want to go there again?”

Victoria balled a fist. She never liked Mr. Hardwell. She never liked anyone.

“Just take a seat, Ms. Robins,” said Mr. Hardwell. She walked across the room and towards the back of the room. Everyone’s eyes darted at her. She glared at everyone staring at her.

“All right!” said Mr. Hardwell. “Today, we shall explore the word, ‘LOVE’. You shall talk to your partners what they love the most. You shall write it on paper. Then brainstorm how you guys are going to show that love it saying the only the word love. Remember I should be able to tell how much you love the thing or possibly someone. Ms. Robins your partner is Mr. Benson. Now move it!”

Victoria stared furiously at Mr. Hardwell. Love! Love? She thought. But she’s never understood that word ever since then….She doesn’t like talking about it.

Victoria stayed in her seat. Mr. Hardwell noticed her.

“Ms. Robins, why aren’t you sitting with your partner?”

“This lesson is stupid!”

“This is not stupid! Love is drama, Ms. Robins.”

“You want drama?!” said Victoria. You want drama? Take a look at my life! She wanted to say that but she couldn’t.

“That’s it!” shouted Mr. Hardwell. “Dean’s Office, now!”

Victoria’s jaw dropped. And oh, if you’re sent for my office again, it will be detention already with Coach Halliday. She heard Dean Edevane say. She stormed out of her class and bumping into a redhead girl with graphite-gray eyes. All the things she was carrying dropped but Victoria did not care. She didn’t care about anything like the way anything didn’t care about her.

All Rights Reserved 2012


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