I Forgot My ID

November 18, 2012  –  This was the day when I took the DOST-SEI. My mother came with me as it has become like a “lucky charm”. I need her with me every time I take an entrance exam as my moral support.

We rode a jeepney (its route was Alangalang – Tacloban). The travel had been thirty minutes and we were already at Astrodome when I suddenly remember that I forgot my ID. ID cards were needed (as stated in the test permit). So we were forced to stop at the Astrodome (which was already more than halfway to the examination venue). My mother was mumbling about how I forgot it, and why she didn’t took the initiative of reading the test permit, and why I said I didn’t forget anything when I actually did. That moment was kind of disheartening. I was also worried we won’t make it in time for the test since if we returned home it would take us an hour and another hour going to the exam venue because of certain reasons called scumbag drivers. I felt my hands weaken as if I wanted to stop in my tracks. I didn’t want to hear her mumbling, complaining, ranting, specially that I was about to take an exam for my college.

It was actually still 10:50 and the exam (according to the test permit) will start at 1 pm (but actually the exam started at 2:00). But I still hadn’t taken my lunch because our plan was that my mother was going to take me out to a fast food to take my lunch so that, according to her, I won’t go hungry while taking the exam. So she decided we go to Robinson’s Mall where we would ride a taxi, if there was one. Thankfully there was one. My mother and the driver agreed that we will pay him 600 pesos since it will be to my home then to the university.

Along the way, my mother, the driver, and his wife talked. At one point he said that we were his first passengers for the day. I thought to myself that he got lucky I forgot my ID and now will be able to earn 600 pesos. At the exam, our IDs weren’t really of that much important. No one asked to see our IDs, and so I thought to myself, “So basically, did we waste 600 pesos?” Then, I realized it wasn’t such a waste after all. The driver said we were his first customers. We were a blessing to him in a way. If I hadn’t forgotten my ID, he probably wouldn’t have earned money for that day because base on what he told us there were hardly any passengers for them. He was indeed blessed. When I came to that realization, I felt really happy that even not on purposely, I helped someone. God planned it.


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