16 ~ KYLIE

Kylie was just making her way to the cafeteria to help out. It was part of her job. She did the cleaning of the dishes. She often took the trash out. Kylie’s in scholarship but she needed much more financial assistance so she decided to work part-time in the cafeteria. She joined clubs in school that might benefit her financially. But her biggest “gig” is becoming a comedienne in bars and parties. Her family was short in cash. Her dad was a driver for a famous business tycoon. While her mom was a clerk in a boutique.

She greeted each one of the cafeteria ladies with a big smile.

“Hi everyone!”

All of the cafeteria ladies smiled and greeted her back. She went to her station at the far end of the room. There were just a few dishes to clean. She finished them in a few minutes and then sat at the counter with Mrs. Francine, the head cafeteria personnel.

“Have you been going around town to find another job?” asked Mrs. Francine. Mrs. Francine was a skinny old lady who always liked to wear sunglasses so they never really knew what color were her eyes.

“Couldn’t find one,” replied Kylie. “My mom doesn’t want me to wear myself out either.”

“Well,” said Mrs. Francine, “The Earth-Loving Club sponsors less fortunate students since they are supported by the Growing Green Organization. Perhaps, you should join that club.”

“How come I never knew about that?” asked Kylie, raising an eyebrow.

“It’s not really adverstise,” replied Mrs. Francine. “So you’re joining then? Do you know its president?”

“Sure. I do.” Kylie smiled. She jumped to her feet and left the cafeteria to head for the Green House. She skipped while going to the Green House when she suddenly found a short, stocky, boy sitting on the pavement looking at a map.

“Having any trouble?” asked Kylie.

The boy looked up at her. “I was looking for the Green House but then I tripped and I got lost.”

Kylie sat next to the boy. “First day has been terrible for you, has it? I could tell.”

“Well, haven’t made friends yet and it’s already the third period.”

“Why are you heading to the Green House anyway?”

“Colton Canes said I would be able to find the coordinator to the apartments in the Green House.”

“Oh. You’re not from Melbourne?” asked Kylie.

The boy shook his head.

“I was going to see the coordinator, too. I’ll take you to the Green House,” said Kylie.

The stocky boy smiled and he got up. Kylie helped him up, and they started walking towards the Green House.

“Oh, the name’s Kylie by the way,” said Kylie.

“Felix Rockhill,” replied the boy.

“So where you from?”

The two talked while on their way to the Green House. Felix was quite a talker as Kylie found out. He liked talking about the stuff he’s seen. Kylie liked his talkativeness. It wasn’t the annoying type. It was the interesting type that made her want squeeze Felix’ chubby cheeks. They arrived at the Green House only to find the school gardener.

“Good morning Mr. Egan! How’s it doing?” Kylie said cheerfully.

Mr. Egan was a tall skinny guy with platinum blonde hair, gray eyes, and up-turned nose. “Good morning to you too, Kylie. I’m doing perfectly fine besides the fact that those big kids have been destroying the potted plants outside.”

Kylie smiled. “Is Stephanie Reid here?”

“No. Haven’t seen her yet.”

“Oh.” Kylie turned to Felix, who was still clutching his map. “I’ll go look for her while you stay here. Mind if you keep Mr. Egan company? He’s a lonely man.”

Felix smiled uneasily. “Sure, I guess.”

“Great!” Kylie slapped him on his back and went off skipping. Kylie thought of the places where Stephanie Reid would be.

Hmmm. Oh. The gym lockers.

But she didn’t have to look far. A redhead girl with graphite-gray eyes was walking towards her path with some art materials in her arms. Kylie smiled.

“Hey, Ms. President. Let me help you with that.”

Stephanie gave a wondering look. But Kylie just ignored her and took half of her things.

“Umm..Kylie?” asked the Stephanie Reid.

“Yes, Ms. President?”

“Why are you calling me Ms. President?”

“I’m joining the Earth-loving Club this year!”

“Really?” Stephanie ran up next to her. “That’s good. We only have a few members, you know.”

“I know,” Kylie said. Kylie kept a smile on her face. She didn’t want to tell Stephanie what her intentions really were. She liked nature’s wonders but not as passionately as Stephanie herself. She just wanted to help her family.

They reached the Green House, finding Mr. Egan and Felix talking about the plants.

“Oh, is he joining the club, too?” asked Stephanie to Kylie.

Kylie simply smiled and replied, “Yes. He’s also looking for you about the apartments.”

Stephanie smiled. “Oh. Great.” She put down her things on a table at the entrance. Kylie mimicked her. The former took a booklet from the drawer and handed it to Kylie.

“You have to fill that up first. Give him the other one,” she said, pointing at Felix. “Bring it back later to me at the assembly, and when you’re finish.”

Kylie nodded. She glanced at Felix and Mr. Egan. They were done talking, and so Felix was walking towards them.

“Are you the coordinator?” asked Felix.

Stephanie smiled. “Yes. I heard you need a help, and that you’re joining the Growing Green Organization.”

“What?!” Felix muttered. Kylie stared at him with a smile. Felix gritted his teeth.

“Yeah, I am,” said Felix.

“Great! You have to fill up a form and give it back to me later at the assembly. Kylie has yours. As for the apartments, I need your Information Sheet. I’ll call for you later when I finish examining it. As for now, just enjoy lunch at the cafeteria.”

Kylie and Felix left. Felix complained about not being informed that he was going to join the Growing Green Organization.

“I’m sorry. I thought you’d like it. We saw you talking with Mr. Egan and you seemed to have enjoyed the conversation,” Kylie replied.

Felix grunted. “I guess I enjoyed it a bit. All right, I’m in just because I owe you.”

Kylie grinned. She skipped along the covered walk, ignoring that Felix seemed to feel uneasy around her. Kylie and Felix only stopped when some people behind them talked in loud voice.

“Hey, make way! Ms. Thomas and Ms. Corbitt are coming!” one boy shouted. Kylie and Felix looked back. Two girls were walking towards them. The first one was a slim, wavy ash-blond girl, with prominent amber eyes, rosy cheeks. It was Amber Corbitt. The last one was a slightly shorter girl with dark brown hair, green eyes and tanned-like skin complexion. Kylie have seen her before. She was just in Year 6 when she first visited FHS. She was the daughter of one of the founders of the school. Thomas. But she wasn’t sure of the name.

Kylie pulled Felix aside. Ms. Thomas and Amber Corbitt walked pass by them.

“Those girls are really pretty,” said Felix. “Who are they?”

“The taller one’s Amber Corbitt. The other one, I don’t know. But I do know they’re children of the three founders of FHS,” answered Kylie.


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