17 ~ NIKKI

Nikki sat bored during her third period – History. Her father, Dr. Reginald Thomas, promised her his co-owned school is a lot more fun than any other school’s in the country. But she realized on her third period that her father lied to save himself some money. She grunted, resting her face on her palm.

What’s fun about this place?

She tapped her desk with her pen, and stared blankly at the board, while Mr. Schmidt was talking about the next week’s pop quizzes. Nikki only got back to her senses when everyone else looked at the door where a slightly tall guy with short, spiky dark blond hair, and olive skin. She wasn’t sure what colour were his eyes, but Nikki found herself admiring them. It had the feeling of mystery.

Mr. Schmidt stop in the middle of his talking. He stared at the boy warily. He adjusted his eyeglasses.

“Theo? You do know you’re not in my class, right?” said Mr. Schmidt. “Mrs. Francine is your History teacher.”

“I know,” the boy named Theo said. “She’s giving her students some beating. Just thought you wanted to know.”

Nikki thought it strange for the guy to say it with so much calmness as if it did not really concern him. And if he was in Mrs. Francine’s class, how did he get out of the room?

Mr. Schmidt looked surprise. “Uh..excuse me for a sec.”

He hurried outside with Theo. Everyone in Nikki’s class, especially Nikki herself, got up from their seats and hurried to peek outside.

Mr. Schmidt and Theo walked in a classroom, two rooms away from theirs. Nikki stood outside of her History classroom, while her classmates stayed inside poking their heads out the door. She could hear yelling and screaming. The other neighbouring classrooms heard the commotion, and the teachers started to get out of the rooms and hurried to the classroom of Mrs. Francine. The drama lasted for five minutes, and Nikki just stayed still on her spot, waiting until Mr. Schmidt came out of the classroom. Mr. Schmidt tapped Theo’s shoulders and said something to him. Mrs. Francine was taken out of the classroom by two security personnel. Theo looked angry at Mr. Schmidt after he talked to him. He stormed off, passing Nikki and her classmates. Mr. Schmidt looked shocked and walked back to his own class. They hurried back to the seats except for Nikki.

“Are you okay, Mr. Schmidt?” asked Nikki politely. “That student was rude.”

“It’s okay, Ms. Thomas. Please return to your seat.”

But Nikki didn’t believe it was okay. From the way Mr. Schmidt had looked at Theo when he was at the door, she knew the two had some kind of history. She went back to her seat.

“All right! Sorry about that,” said Mr. Schmidt. “I have some things to attend to so I’ll just dismiss you early.”

“But there’s only two minutes left before the bell rings!’ exclaimed a student.

Mr. Schmidt sighed. “Okay. You are dismissed.”

Nikki grabbed her bag immediately. She nodded curtly at Mr. Schmidt before leaving the room and finding Amber Corbitt – a slim, wavy ash-blond girl, with prominent amber eyes, rosy cheeks – waiting for her outside of the classroom.

“Hey!” Amber exclaimed. She clipped her arms around Nikki’s shoulders. Nikki grinned at her.

“Okay, so..”

“Wait!” Nikki exclaimed. She took out her iPhone and raised it for her and Amber to take a picture of themselves. They put on their best smiles.

“Okay..so I was saying,” Amber muttered.

“Wait, I have to post it on Instagram!” exclaimed Nikki.

“Okay!” Amber said, smiling. “Don’t forget to mention me on the caption.”

“Right,” Nikki said. She typed in, “First day with lovely Amber.”

“What did you want to say again?” asked Nikki. They walked together in the hallway with each of their arms folded together.

“Okay, so as I was saying. I am going to make a petition about our school uniforms. And I need your help, also Andy’s,” said Amber.

“You want us not to wear our uniforms?” asked Nikki.

“Yeah. I mean, how can we show each person’s individuality if everyone has similar clothes. Why do you like our uniforms?” Amber stopped, and stared fiercely at Nikki. Nikki knew better not to disagree with Amber. Nikki didn’t dislike the school uniform like Amber. She was perfectly fine with it but Amber’s high-headed, and so she said no.

Amber grinned. “Good! Now let’s eat lunch. Andy’s waiting for us.”

Nikki nodded as the bell rang. They headed off to the cafeteria. Nikki saw how a lot of people were staring at them. Then, she remembered the drama earlier.

“Do you know Ms. Francine?” asked Nikki.

“Yeah, she’s my History teacher,” Amber replied.

“So you heard, right?”

“Heard about what?”

“That she beat up some students.”

“Hmm. No. My History classes are on Wednesday. How did you know about it? Did you see her do the beating?”

“No. A tall spiky-haired guy said Mrs. Francine was. Mr. Schmidt and the other teachers hurried off to Mrs. Francine’s classroom.”

“A tall spiky-haired guy?”

“Yeah. You know him? His name is Theo, at least that’s what Mr. Schmidt called him.”

“I’ve seen someone look like that this morning. He was really rude. But who knows? There are a lot of spiky-haired boys here.”

“That kid seemed to be rude at Mr. Schmidt.”

Amber stopped. “Come on, Nikki. A lot of students here are rude. Look over there.” She pointed at several people standing on the covered walk.

“They will be rude if they don’t move when we walk pass them,” she continued. “Stop stressing about Mr. Schmidt, Mrs. Francine or that boy Theo, okay? Enjoy your first day.”

Nikki smiled half-heartedly. She had to admit to herself that she was a bit concerned of how that Theo guy acted on Mr. Schmidt. Nikki had a lot of concerns when it comes to respect to elders, and she sure did not like how Theo acted.

They walked by the students who were talking. They readily stepped aside when she and Amber reached them. They got in the cafeteria. So far, it was just a quarter of the school’s population that was in there. They stopped at the door. Amber craned her neck as if she was looking for someone.

“There! I found Andy. Let’s go,” Amber exclaimed. She grabbed Nikki’s wrist, and the latter seemed surprise. For Nikki, it felt like she was being dragged by Amber. For that she accidentally bumped into a girl with russet-brown hair, doe eyes, and fair skin.

“Sorry,” Nikki muttered.

All Rights Reserved 2012


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