Nerine still hadn’t gotten over the fact that her long-lost best friend was in the same school as she is. She couldn’t help but wait for them to have conversations like they did when they were seven. She missed him so bad. She could see Xavier was just as happy as she was. Maybe even happier?

She went through her first three periods easily. She did her best to get acquainted with everyone except for the third period. Literature class was full of jocks. Mostly from the  basketball and football team. The boys were loud and always sneering at each other. Nerine remembered Xavier wearing a jersey uniform earlier that day. She wondered if Xavier was just like those boys.

The class had ended quickly because half of the class (and half of the class were the jocks) was sent to the Dean’s Office. So Nerine went straight off to the cafeteria. She noticed how everyone was happy to see each other. Several guys were hitting each other’s shoulders or slapping each other’s heads. Others were playing around together. Nerine smiled. She remembered herself and Xavier. She was lost in her thoughts, reminiscing of the times when she was still in Perth, with Xavier and his family living next door. She only got back to the present when a girl, about her height, with dark brown hair, green eyes and tanned-like skin complexion bumped into her. Nerine shook her head, realizing she already had set foot in the cafeteria.

“Sorry,” said the girl.

Nerine nodded. She regained her composure. She went in line with a few other students. She constantly smiled at the cafeteria ladies.

“Still good at smiling, are you?”

She turned and found Xavier, grinning at her. “Hi!”

“Hey!” said Xavier.

“Are you cutting in?” asked Nerine.

Xavier grinned. “No. I already took my lunch. I just came over to invite you to our table.”

Nerine moved to her right. She faced the cafeteria lady and asked for some fruit salad. Xavier inserted next to her, apologizing to the original person beside Nerine.

Our table? With the jocks?” asked Nerine. She didn’t want to sit on a table full of jocks.

“Well, if you define jocks as people who play sports, then yes.”

“Uh. . . I guess,” said Nerine.

“Great!” Xavier exclaimed, clasping Nerine’s shoulders. “I’ll wait for you at the end of the line.”

Nerine took a very deep breath. She wasn’t sure she wanted to associate with jocks like the ones she met on her third period. But when she looked at it, wasn’t Xavier a jock, too?

She paid for her food and turned around, finding Xavier holding out his arms.

“Let me carry that for you,” said Xavier.

Nerine backed a little. “Oh no. I can handle it. Maybe this can of Coke.”

She saw Xavier’s smile fade for a second, and then, it was back on her face. He grabbed Nerine’s Coke from her platter. She followed him in the crowd of students talking, shoving each other, and even throwing food from one table to another. Nerine kept her head down. She didn’t want to see who she was going to be sitting with.

“Hey guys, I want you to meet my best friend all the way from Perth,” said Xavier.

Nerine knew Xavier had stepped aside for his friends to see him. She lifted her head slowly and it shocked her who Xavier was sitting with. There were five people sitting. Two girls. Three boys.

“Let’s start with the introductions shall we!” exclaimed Xavier. He went up next to a guy with short, shaggy dark blonde hair, obsidian dark eyes, tanned skin.

“This is Logan, my football buddy and best mate,” said Xavier. Logan made a two-finger salute to Nerine.

Then Xavier clutched the shoulders of the guy next to Logan. The second guy had spiky, jet black hair, gray eyes, and an impish smile.

“This one here is Jacob. He’s our best goalie.” The last guy had shaggy brown hair, dark eyes, and olive skin.

“Hey” Jacob greeted.

“And he’s Dave,” muttered Xavier. “He plays pranks on everyone so we have to be very extra careful.”

Dave grinned. “But don’t worry. You’re not getting pranked for the whole month. Unless of course, you sign-up for gymnastics or rugby.” He said to Nerine.

Nerine raised an eyebrow.

“While here is Julia,” Xavier said. Clasping a pale, golden blonde haired girl with cerulean blue eyes. “She’s my cousin.”

“You must be Nerine,” Julia said. She stood up, held out her hand to Nerine. “Xavier’s really excited about you being here. I see my cousin has really missed you.”

Nerine smiled. Xavier was jumpy when he sat next to the last girl. “And this is my other best mate, Gwen.”

Gwen was a slim, fair girl with tawny brown eyes, and ebony hair. Nerine thought she was even more beautiful than Julia. She smiled admiringly at Gwen. But Gwen seemed to look wearily at her. Nerine felt uneasy. Xavier patted the chair next to him as a sign for Nerine to sit beside him. She put down her platter but then a tall, dark blonde hair guy accidentally shoved her. She looked up and saw that this guy had crystal blue eyes.

“I didn’t see you,” he said.

“Hey!” exclaimed Xavier and Logan.

“Sorry about that,” muttered Xavier, helping Nerine with her platter of food. “That was Sigmund. He’s on the football team but he hasn’t got any friends.”

Nerine nodded to say that she understood. She glanced at Gwen, and yet, the latter still had that same wearied expression. Nerine looked down at her food, and started eating.


All Rights Reserved 2012


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