He was trying to do six laps but Coach Simmons stopped Sigmund when the former realized what the latter was trying to do. Sigmund was trying to wear himself out. He didn’t want to attend the assembly later that afternoon.

“Ey! I won’t be having my best defender all bushed. We have to show those blow-ins we don’t just put in amateurs but those fit for a ripper of a team we are!” Coach Simmons said, slapping Sigmund’s back. Sigmund huffed. Coach Simmons valued him so much. One time the coach only treated Sigmund out for a dinner because of Sigmund’s excellent playing last season.

Sigmund jogged to get to their locker room. Whilst just entering the gym locker rooms, he saw Logan Fabracanté, Jacob Hansen and Dave Ellis went out. Sigmund shook his head. Dave and Jacob had been unto him since the summer. Sigmund had every reason to avoid them. He sat on the benches and started undressing himself.  He wore his uniform back. He had his usual uniform get-up unlike the other students who wore them differently everyday. Sigmund always wore the long-sleeve button-down shirt. But he would always roll-up the sleeves. Then the necktie that is not even tied properly and his loose black pants. Sigmund looked up at himself in the mirror that was placed on the wall to his left.

Things could be worse. He thought.

He jumped to his feet, grabbed his shoulder bag from his locker and shut it. He decided to go to the cafeteria. Sigmund didn’t go through the covered walk like everyone else did. He thinks it’s too crowded for him to be walking around. So he just went through the field under the scorching heat of the sun.

He got in the cafeteria only to find that there were already a lot of people. He walked around to look for a seat where he could sit alone. He spotted Xavier Rutter, the football team captain – his captain, sitting with his “posse “. There was Logan, Jacob, Dave, Julia, Gwen, and a new girl.

Fabracante is getting on some girls now? He thought.

He walked away from their table. He walked around the cafeteria with his head looking at the ground. He didn’t realize had just returned to the table of Xavier et al. He accidentally shoved the new girl. He deemed not to apologized with Logan around. He looked at the girl and said, “I didn’t see you.”

He walked off. But he could hear Logan and Xavier shout at him. “Hey!”

He didn’t look back. He was just trying to find a seat. He found one. It was an empty table near the huge trash bins. He unslung his bag and placed it on the table just as another guy was placing his platter of food on the table. They looked each other in the eye. The guy was an Asian. He had small eyes. His hair was styled like of an anime character. His hair was side swept on the front, and spiky at the back. He was also wearing a pearl black stud earring on his right ear. He was the first person that Sigmund noticed from the last term. Practically, this guy was the only one who wore the school uniform like a business clothing. He can only recall this guy’s father who was a business tycoon.

“Yeah, you just sit here,” the guy finally said, smiling. Then he left.

Sigmund scowled. What was that all about?

Shaking his head, he put his bag aside, sat down, and fell asleep.

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