“You will need those items on our next meeting. That would be this Thursday. All right? You lot are dismissed,” said Mr. Davies.

Duncan reached for the list. His lab partner was sleeping and Mr. Davies asked him not to bother his partner. He tapped his lab partner’s shoulders.

“Hey, our class is over,” said Duncan. His lab partner whose name was Koolazoo, slightly lifted his head. He was drooling. Duncan moved back. He gulped in disgust.

“Nevermind,” he muttered and left the room.

He went straight ahead to the elevators only to find himself face with Amber Corbitt.

“Hi!” she said cheerfully.

Duncan stared at her as if she had been the strangest thing he’s ever seen. Amber Corbitt never greets anyone like that unless of course, she needed something. That’s what Duncan had thought. Amber ignores everyone she thinks aren’t her level. Duncan looked away. He stepped aside to push the elevator button.

“You going to the ground floor?” asked Amber.

Duncan took out his iPhone, checking messages or updates. He glanced at Amber for a moment and then turned to his iPhone again. “Yes.” Amber smiled. He could see it in the corner of his eye. He wondered if Amber even knew who he was.

“You seem to like our school uniform. You’ve practically used up all the uniform in just one day. The flat front pants, button-down shirt, the neck tie, the v-neck sweater, the blazer,” said Amber.

Duncan stared at her. “Why do you care?”

“Well, I was actually thinking of proposal to the Student Council for us not to wear school uniforms instead, we should all wear what we want,” explained Amber.

Duncan looked incredulously at Amber. “You only want it for yourself.”

Amber raised an eyebrow. “Maybe true but I want to see how different people look like when not wearing their uniforms. It would be very interesting to see you not cloth like. . . . that.”

Duncan snorted. “Do you even know who I am?”

“Of course. You’re Duncan Yoo. The only child of the infamous business tycoon, You Ray Song.”

Her eyes squinted. “If that’s how you pronounce it.”

“It’s Yoo Rye Sung,” Duncan mumbled.

“That’s what I said,” she grinned. The elevator door opened. She walked in front of him, flipping her hair so that it almost hit Duncan’s face. Duncan shook his head when she left and as he got out of the elevator.

“I doubt you’ll see anything different,” he muttered to himself.

He walked to his locker which was along the main hallway. There were a lot of students just lurking around and chatting with each other. He got to his locker and put his briefcase inside. Duncan didn’t use bags but he used a briefcase. That’s what his father and mother asked their helper to buy for him. He locked his locker when Jacob Hansen and Dave Ellis approached him.

“Hey rich boy!” Jacob said.

Duncan turned and huffed. “What now?”

Just as he was going to open his mouth to say something to Logan, Dave threw him green slime on his face like those on Nickelodeon’s. Dave and Jacob went off laughing.

“Come on, Logan! Stop chatting with girls!” shouted Jacob.

Duncan took a deep breath to collect himself. He wiped off the slime on his eyes.

“Not a very good prank isn’t it? Yeah, I could do better.”

Duncan opened one eye to see who it was. It was Anthony Ryan. He was a tall guy, not very attractive but not ugly either. He had wavy dark hair with several hair covering his forehead. He had cool sloe eyes, reddish cheeks, and fair skin. He had this grin always written on his face.

“Let me help you,” Anthony said. Duncan continued to wipe off the slime. He moved his head forward to avoid getting his uniform all slimy. Anthony took out a face towel from his bag and helped Duncan clean up his face.

“Sorry dude, but this kind of looks like gay to me,” Duncan said.

Anthony laughed. “Here.”

He handed Duncan the towel. Duncan closed his eyes and wiped all the slime. When he was done, he opened his eyes and couldn’t find Anthony anymore.

“Where did that dude go?” he asked himself. He looked down at his uniform. Gladly, there weren’t any slime. He folded the towel and put it inside the pocket of his blazer, ignoring the fact it would get slimy.

He went straight ahead to the cafeteria. He went inside and found Dave Ellis and Jacob Hansen sitting together with Logan, Julia, and Gwen. He joined the students lining up to buy food. He constantly looked around for Anthony Ryan but he couldn’t see him with the number of students increasing inside the cafeteria. He got his food and paid for it. He looked for a seat. The only vacant seat he saw was near huge trash bins. He didn’t want to seat near trash bins but he had no choice. He didn’t have anyone to sit with. He walked towards. He placed his platter when a tall guy whom he recognized to be Sigmund Kauffmann, put down his bag. They looked each other in the eye. They stared at each other for what it seemed like ten seconds. Duncan knew better not to cross this guy. Sigmund Kauffmann was a bad boy.

Duncan finally said. “Yeah, you just sit here.”

And he walked off to find another seat. But he found someone else instead. He saw Anthony Ryan with his friends sitting just behind the pillar that had a poster of a dragon. He approached them.

“Hi,” Duncan said.

They all stopped chatting and looked at Duncan as if he had shocked them so much.

“We..we’re not sitting on your table,” stammered Tyrone Clarke. He was the Year 9 friend of Anthony Ryan. He was also a tall guy with brown shaggy hair and brown eyes.

“No. I don’t own a table here,” said Duncan. “I just wanted to return Anthony’s face towel.”

Tov Yao, and Britt Warwick started to laugh but only softer as if trying not to offend Duncan. Duncan’s eyebrows knitted. He took the face towel out of his pocket and showed it to Anthony.

Anthony was still smiling. “Why are you returning it? It’s yours.”

“What?!” asked Duncan.

“It’s yours,” Anthony repeated, nodding his head towards the face towel. “You dropped it last year on the last day.”

“I did?”

“Yeah. You have it now,” Anthony said.

“But I don’t own a face towel,” muttered Duncan, still not understanding what was going on.

“Exactly,” Anthony said.

Duncan scowled. He shook his head and dumped the towel on their table. He left. He still heard Robin McHill shouting, “Duncan! It was just a joke! Don’t be angry.”

He ignored them still.

Whatever that is. He thought. This day couldn’t have gotten worse.

Duncan found an empty seat on the very corner of the cafeteria.

“Hey. I’m sorry about that.”

Duncan looked up. It was Anthony. “It wasn’t really nice. But I forgive you.”

“‘You serious?” asked Anthony, sitting with him.

“You’ve helped me anyway,” said Duncan. “Besides, no one has ever pulled a prank on me. I guess, I have to be thankful for that.”

“Okay,” Anthony grinned. “Right. You wanna get back to Jacob?”

Duncan scowled. “I don’t think I’d want to do some kind of revenge.”

“Okay. I was just suggesting. But if you do need help on some things like what I just did to you, feel free to approach me. That’s the library, behind the fiction bookshelf. You can go see me there.”

Duncan laughed. “That’s your address?”

Anthony grinned. “I have loads. If you want to know my other addresses, just go by the library.”

Anthony slapped his back and went back to his friends. Duncan looked  back while Anthony was going back to his friends. He smiled for a moment, then it was gone.

All Rights Reserved 2012


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