Anthony was hanging out in the library which was in the second floor. He was more like sleeping in the library. He found a spot behind the bookshelves where he could sleep. He had a free third period, and his friends didn’t. He was simply bored. So he decided to sleep.

He was already dreaming about a spaceship landing on the school grounds of FHS when he heard people talking. Anthony lifted his head slowly, opened his yes, and found the people talking were on the other side of the bookshelf. He leaned closer to listen to their conversation. Anthony liked eavesdropping. It was one of his habits so he could learn something about people and use it against them for a prank or a joke.

“They were lying. Jacob Hansen?? The goalkeeper of FHS Football Dragons?? He’s not poor!” said a girl.

“Well, I heard it from Logan Fabracanté himself. He said he found out just this summer. His exact words, ‘Jacob hasn’t got a Brass razoo’,” said another girl.

“Have you seen what Jacob looks like when he’s not wearing uniform? He looks incredibly like a rich guy. And with that face, there’s no way my Jacob could be coming from the slums!” exclaimed girl one.

“Girl, no one said he came from the slums! There are no slums here, anyway!”

Anthony grinned. He stood up and quickly got out of the library. He went to the ground floor to look for Tov. He went about every hallway until he saw Jacob Hansen and Dave Ellis approaching Duncan Yoo. He stood by the trophy cases which was a bit far from them. He pretended he was looking at the trophies. He looked at a picture from last year’s End of the School Term assembly. He remembered seeing Duncan Yoo that day in the locker rooms. Anthony was always curious with the things rich kids would put in their lockers. Anthony took a peek inside Duncan’s locker. He didn’t see a face towel. He only saw handkerchiefs and bath towels. Anthony thought. How does this guy clean his face?

He looked back at them. Duncan Yoo’s face was covered with slime. He wiped off the slime of his face. Anthony approached him.

“Not a very good prank isn’t it? Yeah, I could do better,” said Anthony.

Duncan opened one eye to see who it was.

“Let me help you,” Anthony said. Duncan continued to wipe off the slime. While Anthony went through his bag to look for a face towel. He found one and thought of a brilliant joke. He helped Duncan wiping off the slime from his face.

“Sorry dude, but this kind of looks like gay to me,” Duncan said.

Anthony laughed. “Here.”

And while Duncan was busy wiping his face. Anthony grinned and quietly left. When he had already turned to the hallway on his right, he ran as quickly as he can. He got to the cafeteria almost immediately. He also found his friends already eating, seated on a table behind a pillar with the dragon poster which Anthony remembered to have seen that poster since the first day of his Year 7.

“Hey guys!” he said, although panting he kept his smile on.

Robin and Tov looked at him wonderingly.

“What were you up to?” asked Britt, raising an eyebrow.

“First, you wouldn’t believe what I just learned,” Anthony said. His eyes were wide open like he just discovered the most wonderful thing in the world.

“You learned? Or you heard?” said Tov.

Anthony smiled. “Maybe both.”

“What’s the second?” asked Tyrone.

“What?” muttered Anthony.

“Well, you said ‘First, you wouldn’t believe’ etcetera. So what’s second?” Tyrone replied.

“Well, I pulled a prank on Duncan Yoo. Actually, it’s more of like a joke than a prank,” explained Anthony.

“What did you do?” Britt murmured.

Anthony sat down next to Tyrone. “Remember last term during the End of the Term celebration?”

“I remember that day. But I don’t remember what you did,” Robin said matter-of-factly. Britt, Tov, and Tyrone laughed.

“All right, Mr. Smarty Pants,” Anthony said, still smiling. “Well, I saw Duncan Yoo in the locker rooms and I’ve always wondered what does he stuff his locker with. You know, being rich and all. So I peeked.”

“You peeked?” Tyrone exclaimed.

“Yes, peek! Then I saw loads of handkerchiefs and bath towels. But there was no face towel. So I saw him with lots of slime on his face because of a prank by Jacob Hansen, and I gave him my face towel.”

“And so?” muttered Robin.

“Yeah. That’s pointless,” Britt said.

“But I’m not done yet,” Anthony said, grinning.

“Oh God, Anthony. You’ll get us in trouble,” muttered Tyrone.


They all stopped chatting and saw Duncan standing before them. They looked at Duncan with shock faces.

“We..we’re not sitting on your table,” stammered Tyrone.

“No. I don’t own a table here,” said Duncan. “I just wanted to return Anthony’s face towel.”

Anthony glanced at his friends. They understood where Anthony’s joke was going. Tov and Britt started to laugh but only softer as if trying not to offend Duncan. Duncan’s eyebrows knitted. He took the face towel out of his pocket and showed it to Anthony.

Anthony was still smiling. “Why are you returning it? It’s yours.”

“What?!” asked Duncan.

“It’s yours,” Anthony repeated, nodding his head towards the face towel. “You dropped it last year on the last day.”

“I did?”

“Yeah. You have it now,” Anthony said.

“But I don’t own a face towel,” muttered Duncan, still not understanding what was going on.

“Exactly,” Anthony said. He glanced at his friends. Tov, Britt and even Tyrone couldn’t help themselves that they just looked away. Robin was quite uneasy. Anthony looked back at Duncan.

Duncan scowled. He shook his head and dumped the towel on their table. Anthony and Robin looked at each other. Robin shook his head.

“Duncan! It was just a joke! Don’t be angry,” Robin said. But he was ignored. Anthony laughed with Tov. Britt and Tyrone stopped when they saw the look on Robin’s face.

“That wasn’t a joke. That was a prank,” Robin said.

“It’s a joke according to my dictionary. It’s called Anthony Ryan’s Dictionary. Have you heard of it?” Anthony said.

“No. I don’t wonder why because that’s the most stupid dictionary ever.”

Britt frowned at Anthony. “You should apologize to him.”

“Oh come on! I know you think my joke was bloody brilliant! You even laughed.”

“Okay, maybe I did. But that doesn’t mean I feel sorry for him,” said Britt.

Anthony sighed. “Oh, all right.”

He stood up, reluctantly. Duncan sat on the very corner of the cafeteria.

“Hey,” Anthony said. “I’m sorry about that.”

Duncan looked up at him. “It wasn’t really nice. But I forgive you.”

“‘You serious?” asked Anthony, sitting with him.

“You’ve helped me anyway,” said Duncan. “Besides, no one has ever pulled a prank on me. I guess, I have to be thankful for that.”

“Okay,” Anthony grinned. “Right. You wanna get back to Jacob?”

Duncan scowled. “I don’t think I’d want to do some kind of revenge.”

“Okay. I was just suggesting. But if you do need help on some things like what I just did to you, feel free to approach me. That’s the library, behind the fiction bookshelf. You can go see me there.”

Duncan laughed. “That’s your address?”

Anthony grinned. “I have loads. If you want to know my other addresses, just go by the library.”

He slapped Duncan’s back and went back to his friends.

“Done already?” asked Robin.

Anthony smirked. “T’was a piece of cake.”

Tov and Robin shook their heads.

“Of course it is,” Tov laughed. They started to laugh. They give out big laughter, especially Anthony himself. Several people were starting to look at them. But at that moment they forgot their worries about popularity. They were just enjoying that moment. Anthony almost stumbled backwards but there was a brunette girl with hazel eyes that had pushed him forward.

She nodded. “Sorry.”

Anthony kept smiling. “That’s okay.”

Then he went back to his friends.

All Rights Reserved 2012


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