Happy 2013!

Don’t worry. This won’t be a long blog post.

Happy 2013 to all! Last year was really amazing. A lot of blessings came to me. The most amazing blessing was probably becoming a Senior. Becoming part of the amazing homeroom of Electron was such a great gift. My family was blessed with a new baby when my eldest sister gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I was blessed to have met and made friends with incredible people. I was blessed because God continued to love me and guide me through everything.

And last year was the start of my “blogging career” and I want to thank the readers and followers because you’ve made my year and made my blogging a lot more sense. It made me happy every time I had a notification saying, “[insert username here] liked your post” and “[insert username here] followed your blog” and “You just got your 50 likes”.

It’s just all amazing. I hope I will have a blessed year yet again. And I hope you all will have, too!


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