The End Of It

Back somewhere June or July I guess, I’ve mentioned I want to study in Ateneo so bad. And yes, I still do. Well, today the results of the College Entrance Test were posted.

6:00 a.m. – I woke up from a dream. I got a letter that says I got accepted in Ateneo. However, I’ve always wanted to get accepted in Ateneo with a 75% or 100% scholarship. In my dream, I got 50% scholarship which means I still can’t attend the school because I promised my family I’m not going to attend Ateneo if I get 50% scholarship down. I’ll only attend the university if I get 75% or 100% Scholarship.

I got up and prepared my stuff because I had to leave for our Research. While eating breakfast and taking a bath, I couldn’t help but think about that dream. What did it mean? Was it a sign that I am to get accepted in Ateneo or something else? I found out what great epiphany that dream was just today, several minutes before I started this blog post.

I got home earlier from our Research because I had a head ache. I woke up at exactly 3 o’clock. I ate lunch and then opened my laptop. As usual, I opened my Facebook and saw few classmates posting a print screened photo of their acceptance to Ateneo. My heart beat fast. I was nervous. So I went to Google and search for Ateneo College Entrance Test Results for School Year 2013-2014. I got to the site. It said to enter my full name. I did. But before I clicked on the search button, I talked to God again. I said, “God, You already know what I told You long time ago. Do You remember? I said God I’ve done my best in all those college entrance tests that I’ve taken. It’s up to you, now. You know what’s best for me. All I ask now is the gift of acceptance with whatever result I may get.”

I clicked the search button and this is what it said:

Sorry but the name you entered is not in the list. If your name does not appear on the screen, this means that you are neither accepted nor waitlisted.

Now, I know what that dream had meant. God had warned me as early as possible about the results although, I did not really understand that warning. The moment I saw those words, I didn’t feel anything. I didn’t feel depressed or disappointed. I didn’t break into tears the way I expected myself to do. I was in fact, glad that I got rid of the nervousness. I could tell God is telling me that it’s not for me. He has something different in His mind, set for me and that I will happily accept. Guess, Ateneo is not what I need. That’s the end of it.

Now, I am having a thought that maybe God has set out a college for me that will help me answer all my spiritual longings. I can’t say anything about it, now. I’ll have to wait until I’m proven right or wrong. But the thing that I’m happiest about now is that God did give me the gift of acceptance.


3 thoughts on “The End Of It

  1. You may not have the answers but merely thinking
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    and you automatically let go of unwanted feelings and emotions.
    My experience with medication was not a good one and
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  2. Darling, dreams are just that, dreams. Look on the bright side, you know you’re definitely mentally prepared for the UPCAT results because you didn’t jump off a bridge. Lalala. Sorry, if this comment is offensive. Go to my blog :DD -> promotions lamang


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