One Year Blogging

So I just realized today while staring at my blog that I have been a WordPress blogger for a year already. Wow! I’ve had 80 blog posts and so far I have 1,105 views. I wouldn’t get loads of likes and comments if not for you, readers and followers of this melodramatic and random blog.

Now I think of it, why did I start blogging anyway? Well, at first, I just wanted to pour out all my feelings, all the rants and opinions I have on just any random thing I see around me. Then, blogging to me just became a habit and maybe a career? HAHA. I don’t know about career. I didn’t really get worried when I saw that my blog started to get some attention from several people. My first thought was that, “Okay. Well, I guess my posts are really interesting.” And when I do get likes I just freak out like, “What?! I got likes? What?!” I can’t believe it since I don’t think anybody would care about my randomness and my melodramatic thoughts.

But if you enjoy my melodramatic thoughts and randomness, expect that there will be more, 🙂 Happy one year blogging to me!

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