It’s Getting Couply Around Here

Have you ever been in a room where you just sat there and realized everyone else in the room are getting couply? Well, I have. Many times. And it’s really awkward.

Teachers aren’t holding any classes. So you sleep because you’re very sleepy and everything else is dead boring. You sleep for almost an hour. You wake up, squinting your eyes, looking at the wall clock in the classroom. You look around the room. Surprise! Surprise! You’re surrounded by couples. And few of them are not even official couples.

This public display of “affection” is causing discomfort to the eyes. I’m not the only one who agrees so. I, especially, don’t get this people who aren’t even official. I mean, they look like they are already kissing due to their excessive skin contact which I call skinship. And note: they are not official yet. Well, so far as I know. The girl doesn’t want to go with a relationship but why have I observed that the girl sometimes initiates the skinship, and sometimes is the one who does pretty much the excessive skinship?

The real couples are worse especially the guys. One time, I saw this guy touching the girl on the waist and then below the waist and on the thighs…okay, I don’t want to go on because I just literally want to vomit. They are unbelievably disgusting, what they are doing. These boys are getting h-o-r-n-y over the girls. Well, who knows? Maybe these girls are. Sometimes, I would just walk out of the classroom and would only return if they’re gone. Sometimes, I would just ignore them pretending they have never existed and will only exist until they finish off with their disgusting, discomforting, and excruciating behaviour.

Whatever they’re doing is probably a couple-thing but come on, they’re only high ‘school students. Seniors, maybe. But most of them are only sixteen. Enough age to get themselves into MTV’s 16 And Pregnant. And even if it’s a couple-thing, it’s not excuse for them to do such things. Why don’t they just get themselves their own private room to talk whatever they want, do whatever they want. Wait, I’m not encouraging them to do that! Anyway, they are big blurs to the society and that I should sue them for preventing me from enjoying the boredom of life to witness instead their act of lust.


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