It’s Getting Couply Around Here (Skin To Skin, Head To Head, Mouth To Mouth??)

Well, here’s another little rant.




Pssst. . . . . . . . . . I saw that.

Dear classmates, no need to deny anything. I saw that. Well, the unofficial couple seems official now. About four days ago, I’ve witnessed the most disturbing skinship EVER!

It was around a free period. If I’m right, there were nine people in the classroom. Two were watching another classmate play a computer game. The other three watching a movie, or possibly a TV Show in someone’s tablet. Then there was me with my pen and old, worn out notebook. And the couple.

I was enjoying the free period because I was writing my new series. Ideas were just flowing freely out of my head and into my pen. I paused for a while because my wrist was hurting. As usual, I turned my head to see who were and what was inside the classroom. At my first turn, boom! I saw that. The couple.

This is what I saw in full details. On my view. Their faces were a few inches close to each other. HER hands holding HIS arm. The guy turns his head. I might have been wrong with what I saw. But I’m positively sure I saw the girl peck the guy near the mouth, and I believe it was his lips. It was like a kiss but a fast one, almost like a peck. She turns and saw me. She smiles at me. I had one eyebrow raised because I was dumbfounded with what I witnessed. I turn my head quickly back to my notebook. And in my head I was, “‘The hell did I just saw.” I immediately thought of filing an incident report but I thought again. I’m not that harsh.

It was and still is utterly disturbing and disgusting. I became awkward with these two people because it’s haunting me. It was like getting touched by a lizard. And I have a great fear of lizards. I became somehow. . . . cold to them? I guess that’s the word. HE noticed I acted differently towards them. He asked, “Ano Aids? Kay ano..” (What Aids? Classmates call me Aids because it’s like an abbreviation of my real name, Adrienne. Why are you. .) I cut him off, saying, “Ageeh waray. Diri ak nag-iisog. I’m just being me.” (Oh, nothing. I’m not mad. I’m just being me.)

Maybe I could be angry because it was DISGUSTING, DISTURBING, and INAPPROPRIATE. I did not expect HER to have done that. I can expect the guy to do such things. But her? Oh, no. I think she would be a little more decent with those amount of excessive skin contact.  Quote from my post It’s Getting Couply Around Here, “. . . most of them are only sixteen. Enough age to get themselves into MTV’s 16 And Pregnant.” It’s a crazy yet scary fact.

It’s haunting me because I’ve never seen young people do that. I’ve witnessed like people already in their late 20s and above or old couples have skinship. I told a friend about what I saw and she commented, “Yuck. They’re already horny.”


Well, isn’t that right?




Dear classmates, like I said before in this blog, why don’t you get yourselves some private room? I don’t care  because I’ve just been haunted to the highest and worst degree.


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