22 ~ JANE

She and Ken parted after their “visit” at the Dean’s Office. Jane was still angry at Ken for getting themselves kicked out of class. But she couldn’t be entirely angry at him. He was, and still, the only friend she had. Ken decided he’ll go on with his plan of getting famous and so he proceeded to the gym lockers. Meanwhile, she went on with the rest of the school. It was lunchtime and she was hungry. In fact, she felt she was starving.

Jane hastened her steps. She arrived in the cafeteria just in time when there were only several people lining up to buy their meals. She quickly picked up a tray. While waiting for her turn, she looked around the cafeteria realizing she was alone this time. There was no Kennedy Rocque to sit with her. She wondered if she can even find a seat. She’ll just probably eat outside like she usually does when Ken was on detention.

She got all her food. She craned her neck, trying to see if there’s any vacant seat. She found one near the girls’ toilet. She proceeded to the table. She walked with her head down because the jocks were just everywhere. She respected their status in the school She respects the status quo. She took a deep breath when she was going to pass by the rugby team. She spoke to herself.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. . .

Her platter was all over the floor.  One jock threw it out of her hands. She started to panic. She has never had an encounter with the popular kids in school. Not without Ken. She breathed in slowly.

“Got it right there, loser!” said the jock.

Jane walked to the opposite direction of where she was supposed to be going. She walked through the swarm of people, avoiding each of them. She wished Ken was there with her because at least she wouldn’t have been alone.

She didn’t know where exactly she was heading. She could hear laughter. She was getting closer to where it came from. At the corner of her eye, she could see she was nearing a group of friends. Just as she was exactly passing their table, one guy fell backwards. She pushed him back.

Jane realized it might have been a jock and that she could have actually pushed him forward. Hence, causing wounds for the guy. She nodded and said,

“I’m sorry.”

She looks up at him. Fortunately, it wasn’t a jock. She knew him. He was Anthony Ryan. They were classmates in Home Economics last term.

“That’s okay,” Anthony said, smiling.

Jane continued to wherever she was going. But instead she found herself face-to-face with Julia Rudnick. The cousin of her FHS crush. Julia was going in to the cafeteria.

She lowered her head again and apologized. Julia Rudnick smiles and she opens the door for Jane. The latter looks up at her shocked. A popular kid was opening a door for her.

“Thank you,” Jane said.

Julia just smiles as Jane walks out of the cafeteria. She looks back at Julia but she was already walking away towards her peers.

All Rights Reserved 2013


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