Ugh. Prom. What to write about prom? I don’t know. Hmm.. I guess I’ll start it when I arrived at the venue in Patio Victoria last night.

Before that, this year’s prom theme is the Royal Ball. We need to dress up as Princes and Princesses. But only a few guys actually dressed up as Princes. Applause for them, please. The faculty was called Lords and Ladies. Actually, it was very cheeky for me. Like in the entrance, they introduced as one by one with the titles Princes and Princesses.

As I arrived at the venue, my classmates were just freaking disturbing and annoying me. They said their nickname for me in unison as they watched amaze at how I looked like. For the first time and the last, I wore a tube ball gown. If that’s what’s even called. My sister styled my hair down and put a little make up on me which I totally dislike. Well, honestly, the make up and my hairstyle was just very simple. I don’t want to go to parlours because usually gay dudes fix you up. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the gay community. It’s just that when they do make up, it’s very extravagant and sometimes it looks terrible for other people. Plus, they will have to pluck eyebrows which I totally disapprove. Sorry.

Anyway, so it seemed like almost every one of my classmates were looking at me as if I’m an alien from outer space. It didn’t feel good because I don’t like that kind of attention. It’s one of those things that I’m scared of when everyone’s eyes are darted on you. I do not approve.

I didn’t get to dance a lot because (1) my knee is still such a mess and (2) no guy asked me to dance, well except for my “compulsory” partner, and Dominic. I was sitting in the sidelines with other people. I was observing people. I sang along to the songs played. The food was great, too. It was fun to watch a lot of them enjoying their dances. Several seniors were doing an impromptu dance of “Pump It”. Well, at least it looked like impromptu. I saw a lot of dramas going around. Hormones everywhere. Emotions everywhere.

When I had my dance with a sophomore and junior classmate, Dominic. He was telling me that I’m going to get that Metamorphosis Award. I told him, “No. I refuse.”

Right, a little briefing. Last night’s prom had this awarding. There was Belle of the Night, the girl with extraordinary appearance or has great personality all throughout the evening. Then, there’s the Beau of the Night. It’s exactly the same as the Belle of the Night, only it is given to a guy. Then there were Best Dressed Male and Female, and Best Dressed Faculty and Staff. Then, the Metamorphosis Award given to any student who shows “extraordinary change”. (That’s what it said on the nomination papers.) And of course, there’s the much coveted Prom King and Prom Queen.

When the nomination sheets were given, my “siblings” went around the hall and were like, “Hey, Adrienne Ocampo for Metamorphosis.” I was like, “Are you seriously freaking do that? Are you seriously advertising that? What the fudge?!?!” I even saw a few of them pointing at me to show a junior girl who I am. Gosh. If only I didn’t love this people. It felt embarrassing because they were almost like screaming my name throughout the hall.

Me and Dominic “danced” exactly before the awarding. I was sitting behind a couple. Funny thing was that the Belle of the Night nominees were exactly the same as the nominees for Best Dressed Female, and the same happened for the Beau of the Night and Best Dressed Male. The Belle of the Night was also the Best Dressed Female. The Beau of the Night was also the Best Dressed Male.

Then it came to the Metamorphosis Award. The emcees announced the name of the nominees. I was announced first. Gosh. Oh classmates, what have you done??? The emcees called me Princess Adrienne. Ewww. Haha. When my name was called, it seemed like everyone was shouting. Like, seriously?? And guess what? I won the freaking award. LOL. In my seat, I was, “What the fudge??” The couple who were sitting in front of me moved aside, and the guy jokingly said, “Paagi-a!” (Make way!) I slapped him on the arm as I stood up because the “winners” were required to go to the dance floor to receive their awards. The Belle of the Night, who happens to be my classmate, said “Whoo! Go Aids!” I slapped her, too. Sorry. I awkwardly receive the award and shyly stared at the camera. The school director told me, “You metamorphosed!” I don’t even know if that’s an actual word. It was embarrassing but not that kind of embarrassment when your pride is hurt.

When my sister and her boyfriend came to pick me up, my sister was surprised why I had a bouquet with Ferrero Rocher Chocolates. I told her I received an award. She giggled and was like, “Char!” She had to text every one of my sisters and my mother for the award. My mother was even demanding for a picture immediately. Talk about family.

Anyway, I took these photos randomly.



This one was when they were dancing to “Pump It”.

There were two boys leading the dance that looked like a mob dance.






CAM00227Fellow humans with no one to dance with at the moment.













This song was the last song played last night.


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