What Makes A Good Guy?

“You’re full of shit!”

That’s not a really nice thing to say to a girl you lead on. You were the guy who made her believe you like her. You were the guy who told her you’ll stay by her side no matter what she says. You came up to her to make a confession. A confession that tells her that you, the guy, still likes this somebody else. She tells him that she has given him the choice to leave long time ago if he wills it. But he gets angry and says, “You’re full of shit!”

What an a-hole!

When I heard of this, I literally wanted to punch this guy. Like, seriously! This girl told me before that she was feeling something already for him, and all of a sudden this guy would make such gesture. A friend of mine and I agreed before that this guy is only serious at the beginning. And we are damn right!

The girl isn’t angry of that guy because of what he said but because of what he did. That’s correct. He should have at least thought about his actions. He’s not perfect, I know. But he could have done it with a little respect. It’s just a simple basic rule, really. Respect each other. It probably would have hurt a little for the girl if he had said what he had to say. But he went bad to worst just as he said that phrase.

You don’t need to be very nice or very kind just to be a gentleman. Guys don’t need to be in a relationship with a girl and be gentlemen only to that special girl. Guys can be a bit of those sly ones but still know how to treat girls right. They can be perverted sometimes but still be true and sincere gentlemen. It doesn’t need to be a perfect guy just to be a good guy.

Back to reality, I was just generally pissed with guys like “You’re full of shit”-guy. On Thursday which was Valentine’s Day, several people were doing this crazy free hugs. Which reminds me that there were three juniors who just came up to me and suddenly hugged me and I’m like,  “What the …?”. Several juniors asked free hugs from this guy. I saw the look in that guy, so smug as if he’s the most handsome and coolest guy on earth because girls were asking him for free hugs. One girl even asked for one more hug. In my head, I was like, “If only you knew what kind of a-hole thing he did.”

Boy, you just lost a lot of points for respect.


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