24 ~ TOV

Anthony Ryan pretty much completed their lunch break with his humor and prank on Duncan Yoo. Tov was really impressed. Duncan Yoo was a rich guy. His father was a notorious business tycoon so everyone did his/her best not to get in his way. Jacob Hansen and Anthony Ryan were the first ones to ever do such things to Duncan. Tov was scared what it might to do to his buddy, Ry. But when Anthony came back after he apologized to Duncan, it seemed like everything went perfectly fine. They laughed at Anthony’s ingenuity. Tov thought it was a great way to start the new term.

They didn’t stop laughing until the bell rang. Britt and Tyrone were already teary. Robin was already smacking his hand on the table. Tov hugged his stomach in pain.

“Oh dang it!” Anthony exclaimed. “I must overslept and I haven’t even eaten yet.”

Tov and Tyrone laughed.

“Well, next time, try to keep track of the time and set your priorities first!” Robin exclaimed, standing from his seat. “Pranking first before eating. Boofhead, Ry!”

Robin, Britt, and Tyrone got up together.

“Hey! Where are you guys going?” asked Anthony.

“We’re Year 9ers. We’re asked to help organizing the assembly,” Britt said. “Bye, you two.”

Anthony grumbled.”You know, sometimes our friends can be discriminatory.”

Tov laughed. Anthony always liked to complain about how Robin, Britt, and Tyrone get to do things that he and Tov weren’t part of. Tov tolerated Anthony’s behavior.

“We better go to the assembly now,” Tov said, grabbing Anthony by the arm.

“But I’m hungry!” Anthony grumbled.

Tov picked up cupcakes from the nearby counter, and quickly put four dollars. Then, he threw the cupcakes at Anthony which the latter readily caught, and he grinned.

“I love you, man,” Anthony exclaimed as he caught up with Tov when he exited the cafeteria.

“Don’t be gay,” Tov said, laughing while pushing Anthony’s smooching face away from him.

“Go away, Ry! I’m going to break your nose if you come any closer to my face!” Tov yelled.

But Anthony couldn’t be bothered. Tov ran away from him but Anthony followed. However, they had to stop when they found themselves stuck in the heavy traffic at the narrow pavement, heading towards the school building. Tov was standing on the edge of the pavement, careful not to step on the grass as he saw Laura Westwick standing on one of the benches. Anthony was behind him. He kept on poking Tov’s back.

“Stop it, Ry! I’ll fall!” Tov said. He wanted to move and get away from Anthony  or he would give him a palgup chigi right on the shoulders. He loved Anthony but Robin and Britt trusted him to keep Anthony out of the horrid effects of his overflowing happiness. But Tov can’t literally do that for now when there were a lot of people, and Laura Westwick might see it as an act of bullying instead of just what he and his friends call, “Making Ry Behave”.

He turned his head to see Anthony. The latter was crazily grinning at him.

“You’re such a dork! Stop smiling at me like that! You’re going to make people think we’re gay,” Tov murmured.

“Nobody’s going to pay attention to us,” Anthony said a-matter-of-fact.

True. Tov thought. Even if they made a scene, people won’t probably notice or if they do, they won’t remember. Tov only wanted to feel how it is being a popular kid. He wanted to set up a good example of being a popular student. But then he thought, “That probably won’t happen in high school.

He turned back to his path just in time for the music prodigy and the popular and beautiful, Julia Rudnick, to bump into him. Tov was surprised.

“I’m sorry,” she said.

But Tov thought otherwise. “No, I’m sorry.”

She just nodded and run towards the school. Tov and his friends had a rule to never get in the way of the popular kids. As much as possible, as Robin said, stay away from them. Especially if these popular kids have connections with the jocks or rich. Julia Rudnick was both. Her cousin, the famous Xavier Rutter, was a jock, and Julia herself came from a well-off family. He turned around to Anthony. His friend saw it, too.

“It’s okay,” he said. Anthony’s smile had faded as he saw the darkened panic expression of Tov.

“It wasn’t your fault,” Anthony said. “She wasn’t looking her way. Besides, she apologized and I heard Julia Rudnick is actually really nice.”

“B-but what if..”

“Chill, Tov. Don’t get ahead of yourself.”

Tov started to calm down. He knew Anthony was right. Anthony patted his back.

“Oh great! The traffic has cleared!” Anthony exclaimed.

They both hurried off to the gymnasium where the Dean and other head of the school departments will be making a speech about joining clubs in their respective departments. Tov knew he would remain with the Taekwondo Club. They won last term but nobody cares because it isn’t a sport as big as Football or Rugby. Now, he had to decide for two more clubs since they were require to join at least three clubs. Anthony was on the Clown Society. Robin, Britt, Tyrone, and Tov thought he perfectly fit on the club to Anthony’s dismay. The Clown Society wasn’t the one he expected. Anthony thought it would all be fun and games. Instead, the Clown Society was actually an organization to the benefit of orphaned children. Anthony told Tov that the children he met for the CS weren’t really nice. Tov wondered which organization Anthony would join then.

Anthony ran off to the farthest and topmost seat on the bleachers. Tov followed quickly.

That dude. Why isn’t he giving a warning? Tov thought.

But even before he could step on the bleachers, a fellow tall Asian guy with short-cropped brownish hair, made him stop so that he can pick up his things which Tov believes. he dropped when Anthony ran off.

“Sorry. I just need to…..uh,” said the Asian guy.

Tov knelt to help him. “Here.”

The Asian guy smiled lightly and then walked off. Tov just shrugged and climbed up the bleachers to sit beside his buddy.

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