26 ~ LOGAN

Logan followed Xavier from behind. They ran quickly and were already almost in the school building. They still hadn’t prepared their booth. They had the booth but they did not know what stuff to place in the booth. Well, Logan and Xavier didn’t even know they were the sub-captain and captain until today. Hence, they did not know what to do. But Logan was sure Xavier and Coach Simmons will be able to agree on something.

“So you know what to do with the booth, right?” asked Logan. Jacob was tailing them.

“No,” said Xavier.

“But you will think of something, right mate?”



Xavier turned to him. “I can’t think of anything. I’ll just probably put our previous trophies there.”

“Right,” said Jacob. “So people will see we’re awesome!”

“Well, that’s not what I was thinking,” Xavier muttered. “I just thought we’d put it there for the sake of something to display.”

“Why don’t you just put up a sign-up sheet?”

All three boys turned around to see Gwen. Logan started to smile. His heart raced again like it always does when he sees Gwen.

“The handball team is just going to put a sign-up sheet and some posters about the sport,” continued Gwen.

Xavier nodded. “Yeah. Yeah. Logan, do we have posters?”

Logan scowled. “What?? Nobody needs a poster about football, mate. Our sport is very popular. We don’t need that!”

Gwen raised an eyebrow. Logan saw the look on her face and so he said, “Okay. We’ll go and look one in the locker room.”

Xavier smiled. “Is that all you gonna do?”

“Well, any suggestions?” Gwen asked.

Logan saw that he was being dismissed again.

“You can put your trophies and show that your team is pretty awesome!” Logan exclaimed.

Gwen didn’t budge. She completely ignored Logan.

“Xavier?” Gwen said.

“Perhaps that something that has the statistical progress of the team?” Xavier muttered.

“You mean portfolio?” muttered Logan.

“Yeah, that one!’ Xavier said.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea,” Gwen said.

“How are you gonna make a portfolio at this time?” Logan mumbled.

Logan saw Gwen roll her eyes.

“The coaches always have portfolios. You can ask one from Coach Simmons. I’m sure even a person like him keeps one,” Gwen said.

“Yeah. Thanks, Gwen!” Xavier said. Then, he quickly embraced her. Logan scowled. His jaw dropped slightly as if not believing what he’s seeing. Jacob chuckled, hitting his arm.

Gwen said goodbye to Xavier and departed. Jacob laughed hard.

“She only said goodbye to Xavier, mate,” Jacob said.

Logan squinted his eyes and knit his eyebrows. “What was that?”

Logan slapped Xavier’s arm.

“Ow! Hey!” Xavier grumbled.

“That’s my girl, mate!” Logan said.

“Whoa! Hold on! It was a friendly hug,” Xavier said. They were already in the hallway in the direction of the locker rooms.

Logan slapped him again. “Why does she keep on ignoring me? I mean, we both seat on the same table every lunch, and last year, we were classmates for at least five subjects!”

“I don’t know,” Xavier muttered. Logan slapped him once again.

“Oh come on! Why don’t you ask Gwen herself?” Xavier exclaimed.

“She won’t even look at me how much more talk to me,” Logan complained. “Can you ask Gwen, mate?”

Xavier huffed. “Seriously, Logan. If you keep on relying with your wingman, a.k.a. me, you’ll never get the girl.”

Logan grunted. “Well, it’s not as if I’m not trying. I’ve done all my charms but she hasn’t paid attention.”

He turned to Jacob. “Look at me, mate. Tell me, I’m not the most good-looking guy in this school.”

“No, you’re not,” Jacob muttered, chuckling.

“What?” Logan murmured.

“Well, last year, the student body voted for Xavier as the most good-looking guy.”

“O-okay. Well, am I not charming? Tell me, mate. Am I ugly? No, right. So why can’t she see me?” Logan said.

Jacob smirked. “Maybe, she has set her eyes on only one person not you.”

He slowly turned his eye into Xavier’s direction. Logan turned, too. He frowned. Xavier was no longer paying attention to them since they were already near the locker room. But then, Coach Simmons appeared.

“Ey boys! What are you still doing here? Go to the gymnasium. I’ve prepared the booth for you. No need to worry about other stuff. We’ll have a preliminary try-outs today at 2 pm. Fabracante and Hansen! You lads will take over the try-outs. Choose only those who are worthy to appear before me and Rutter. Understand? Right, move along!” Coach Simmons explained.

They hurried off to the gymnasium. A lot of their teammates were already there. Xavier and Logan went to check the booth first.

“Wow!” exclaimed Xavier. Even Logan can’t believe their booth. The booth was just a regular size but the trophies were carefully displayed. A banner was hanging on top with the FHS Football Team logo and a sentence that says, “We breathe fire!” A portfolio was also standing on one side of the booth, revealing the team profile and its winning points.

“I thought Coach was a larrikin,” Logan said.

He and Xavier laughed.

“Come on, let’s take a seat,” said Xavier.

They headed off to their teammates. Meanwhile, loads of students were already arriving. Xavier and Logan stood in front of their teammates.

“So guys!” Xavier called. “We’ll have a preliminary try-outs at 2 pm. Logan and Jacob will lead the try-outs. Anyone interested to join them, feel free.”

“Yeah! Those who wants to join me and Jacob, remember that we’ll be picking the ones who are worthy to get to the final try-outs to be judged by our very own Coach and new captain, Xavier!”

Xavier nudged Logan’s arm. “Worthy? Seriously, mate?”

Logan grinned. “We’re going to dominate this year, right? Right?”

“Yeah!” A lot of them screamed except for Xavier and Sigmund. Xavier didn’t like screaming. While Sigmund hated them.

“Good afternoon, FHS Dragons!” shouted Colton Canes, the Student Council President.

That was their cue. Xavier told them to take their seats. Logan sat beside his best mate.

And while everyone else answered with, “Yeah!”

“For those who aren’t new to this assembly, you already know what you guys are going to do. For the newbies, this assembly is a briefing of the clubs and organizations in this fine school. You can go and explore any organizations and/or clubs that may interest you. For this year, the Student Council, with the support from Dean Edevane, have decided to have sign-up sheets already but the formal auditions will be held this Friday. So, the sports teams and musical organizations can have their preliminary auditions today!” Colton explained. “And now, I hand this over to Dean Edevane.”

While Dean Edevane was going up to the podium, Logan nudged Xavier.

“What?” muttered Xavier.

“Do you like Gwen?” Logan asked. It has been bothering him since Jacob hinted that Gwen may like like Xavier.

“Yeah. She’s my girl best friend. You know, besides Nerine,” Xavier replied.

“No. I mean, like her.”

Xavier and Logan stared at each other. Xavier knitted his eyebrows and shook his head.

“No, mate. Have I ever told you who I like?”

Logan breathed. He thanked God his best mate wasn’t into the girl he liked. It was a good relief. Then, he realized he was intrigued as to which girl has captured Xavier’s attention.

“Mr. Canes has already briefed you lot about the assembly for this year. I have also partnered with the Student Council to have one change of rules,” said Dean Edevane.

Logan grunted. “What?”

He glanced at Xavier but he seemed calm.

“Did you know about this?” Logan asked.

“Colton might have warned me last year” Xavier answered.

“You are only allowed to have at least three clubs or organizations. That is at least. The maximum number of clubs or organizations that a student can join is five. This is so because of some certain things that happened last year.”

Dean Edevane lowered her head slightly and turned to their direction.

“And yes, I am talking about you, Mr. Fabracante,” Dean Edevane muttered.

Logan stood up and raised his shoulders saying, “It can’t be help. I’m that cool.”

“And to you, too, Mr. Rutter,” Dean Edevane added.

Logan glanced at Xavier but his friend only smiled and laughed at him.

“I hope you all find the perfectly suited clubs and organizations for all of you.”

And that ended the speech of Dean Edevane. Logan and Xavier stood up.

“Yo! All desperate to be popular like us, head off to the track and field and attempt to join us!” Logan screamed. He glanced around and saw an Asian guy looking at him with a disdainful look. He raised his eyebrow and smirked.

“Come on Jacob,” Logan said as he turned back to his team. “Let’s get us some new recruits.”

Jacob grinned. “We’ll show them how it is to be part of the most awesome team ever existed.”

Xavier shook his head. “All right, guys. Head off to the football field while I entertain the applicants in our booth.”

Logan and Jacob nodded. They hurried to their locker room and quickly changed into their jerseys. Logan was already tying his shoelace when he noticed something was up with Jacob.

“’You okay mate?” asked Logan.

Jacob looked uneasy. “Um…I-It’s nothing.”

Logan scowled. “Come on. What is it?”

Jacob turned his back against Logan. The latter stood up and went towards Jacob who was standing next to his locker. He seemed to be hiding something from Logan.

“Let me see that,” Logan said. His jaw dropped slightly. He and Jacob stared at each other.

“I have a spare,” Logan said. He went to his own locker and got his spare blue spike shoes.

“Here,” he said and handed them over to Jacob.

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