Jasmine ’13 – Jasminables

This next one is for the sophomore “star” section. The forever awesome – II-Jasmine.

Sing a song about the first day

Sing a song on the ‘hostility’

Sing a song for the first few, “Hi”s

Sing a song to this friendship in the making

Sing a song to this great beginning

Sing a song for the following days

Sing a song for the bonds made

Sing a song for the unbelievably made family

Sing a song for dear ‘Kapateed’

Sing a song for everyday with Jasmine

Sing a song for the rest of the year

Any song will do

A Jasminable can work it through

For this sophomore year was a great musical!

For there can be ‘No Other’ Jasminables!

The first day was quite hostile. Just imagine, thirty students from different sections from when we were freshmen, all gathered, forced to be classmates. No one was close with another from a different section. We were all but strangers to each other.

On the first day, the section listing was posted in a whiteboard which was just placed on the school lobby. On the first day of my sophomore year, I was both excited and nervous to see who would be my new classmates and what section will I be in. I looked for my name first and saw that I was in II-Jasmine. Then, I looked up at the other 29 names under II-Jasmine. As I look at the names, I thought, “I don’t think I will like this people at all.” Only I knew how wrong I was after then.

No. I didn’t like the names listed under II-Jasmine because (1) I don’t know who they were, (2) and if I knew them, I didn’t like them based on what I’ve observed of them. There were only a few from my previous section that I liked because I was friends with them. I was seriously not looking forward for the new school year.

Then, we finally got to meet each other. I got to know a lot of them for the first time. For the first time, literally! Election of section officers came, and then the coming up of the section nickname. See, Jasmine to us is pronounced with ‘J’ sounding like ‘H’. So one suggested, Jasminorrhea like dysmenorrhea. I laughed and objected to this because it’s just really weird. Then finally someone, I don’t know who, exclaimed, “Jasminables!”. Why? Because it sounds so cute and it’s like “huggable”. One even said we’re a cute section. Talk about conceited! HAHA.

And because everyone loved “Jasminable”, it became our nickname. To me the Jasminables were a family. We created this crazy family tree which later involved a dead mouse found in our room the day when lots of us were hit by sore eyes.

See, Jasmine was really different. The whole school year seemed like a musical. Why? Because very single break or free time we had, we spent it with music jamming. Josheb a.k.a. Gigil Boy and JD a.k.a. (then) Star Gwapo would usually play the guitar as these following people, Dalyn, Fe (OB), Alvek, Marianne, Seary, Julie, Torns, Darien, Jake, Niña and even myself, lead the singing. The truth is all of us (if not, 99% of us) sing a long to songs that just come up randomly. We even sang Mariah Carey’s “Bye Bye” during the “funeral” of the dead mouse we called, “Kapateed” because he (or she) is part of the Jasmine family. (Kapateed stylized spelling of Filipino word, “kapatid”, meaning sibling.)

We witnessed the band of brothers that sprang up. They were called the, “Hangrey People” (Hangrey is pronounced like hungry). I still, honestly don’t know why it’s spelled like that. This group which was composed by Renz (the leader), JD, Dominic, Renzo, Dada, Dan, Josheb, Raz, Joelson, and Jann Marc. No true blue Jasminable can forget about these fun-loving lads. They love each other so much that Joelson draw this cartoon version of Hangrey People. It was absolutely cool because it was really a cartoon replica of themselves. Of course, Hangrey People won’t be complete without their muse, Julie, and their musician, Eugene.

This is also the section that had caused why Mark Anthony is now called Torns. The story: Alvek and Seary were arguing about whose father is better. Then, Torns exclaimed that his father was respected by robots. Alvek said, “Oh, that’s why you look like a screw because your father’s sperm is a screw.” (Filipino word for screw is turnilyo. Torns is stylized form of turnilyo.)

Through this section, a lasting friendship was built for Jasmine (now called, Cess), Marianne Alva (now, Rian), and Dalyn. It also saw the bond that is family through Alvek, Marianne, Jake, Seary, and myself.

No Jasminable can forget the constant asking for meals during lunchtime. No Jasminable can forget the constant loud conversations about last night’s episode of “Mara Clara”. No Jasminable can forget how almost everyone was into Super Junior. No Jasminable can forget the constant arguments between Rina and Alvek, to which Rina always win. Hence, causing frustration for Alvek. No Jasminable can forget the unconsciously idiotic speeches made by Fe. (Note: Tin Tin One-Eighty) No Jasminable can forget the famous line of our dear section president, Darien. “Let’s go people!”. No Jasminable can forget the highly organized person that is Yayie. No one can forget Shaira constantly reading a book somewhere over there. No Jasminable can forget the most conyo that is Niña. No Jasminable can forget the “pakurog-kurog” singing effect by Jyna to the song “Unfaithful”. No Jasminable can forget the Dan-Irene forced love team (a.k.a. the ancestors). No Jasminable can forget the funny revised version of Simple Plan’s “Perfect” in honour of our, “tatay” (father), section adviser. No Jasminable can forget why we, Jasminables, were the STAR.

We were the really talented section. We have a lot of musically gifted people here, mind you. The first time we discovered how *cough* great *cough* we are was during the Buwan Ng Wika (roughly translated to “Month of the National Language”). The seniors from Neutron back then were supposed to help the sophomores with a sing and dance presentation about mother nature. The first song we wanted to perform was already taken by the other section, Camia. So we decided to do “Anak ng Pasig”. The seniors who helped and guided us in our practices to perfect our vocals and choreography remarked that we are really good, and that we are ready for Paskorus (a sing and dance competition in school during the Christmas Season). This presentation was important because it was somewhat a competition with the other sections to get the highest grade in our Filipino subject. We got the highest grade, of course!

Here we are doing our awesome job. The seniors themselves provided us with those trash bag costumes.

Our star didn’t stop there from shining because we ultimately won Paskorus with our amazing rendition of “Carol Of The Bells” and “Joy To The World”. Unfortunately, there’s no video of our performance.

We weren’t just good at those things but we were also Model Homeroom for two months consecutively! Our musical endeavours didn’t finish in Paskorus. We were supposed to have a somewhat reality show that exhibits virtues for our project in Values Education. Marianne Alva suggested that we do a musical, instead. This suggestion was just perfect. Our musical was called, “Ang Pagdadalaga Ni Ryan” (roughly translated as “The Coming Of Age As A Lady Of Ryan”). Here’s part one of it:

Part two can be viewed in Dalyn’s YouTube Channel – littleprincess028

Now, it may seem like Jasminables was all just fun and glory but it wasn’t just that. It wasn’t like with Emerald with the “constant happiness”. Jasminables was a different constant happiness. It’s the kind of happiness in which a lot of times we met problems and arguments but were resolved immediately with no hard feelings. It was the constant happiness that values each other not just as friends but as family. It was the constant happiness that resulted due to our understanding and love for each other. There were thirty of us. All with, of course, different personalities that just perfectly matched up with each other. We were a good balance of personalities. The Jasminables helped me let go and be young. It’s how the people in this section effortlessly be themselves in interacting with each other. This is why I love Jasminables. This is why, for me, Jasminables was and will always be the best section ever. This is why in my ranking of the sections I belonged, Jasmine ’13 tops it.

Here’s a one example of how we spent our free times. Our very own acoustic cover of Super Junior’s No Other.

There’s no other than Jasminables. That’s for sure. We’re one hell of a kind. So if Jasminables was a country, this would probably be its national anthem.

Once a Jasminable, always a Jasminable.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these videos. Credits to SM Entertainment and Dalyn (littleprincess028).

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